Welcome to Cardiff Snowsports, where all of Cardiff's finest students can gather to share a mutual appreciation of the white stuff.

We're looking forward to another huge year for skiers and snowboarders alike and we're excited about getting as many people involved as possible.

Each year we run two trips abroad over the Christmas and Easter holidays giving you undoubtedly the best weeks of your student lives. Cardiff Snowsports is a friendly, inclusive yet crazy group of people who love the snow and the local, artificial version (dendex) equally. For more details about what we get up to here in Cardiff, have a look at our pages below!

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*Refund Policy: Member may have membership refunded up to one month (30 days) after purchasing, on the condition that member has not attended ANY Snowsports events or training sessions in that month (NOTE: GIAG is not included in this list). Athletic Union fee cannot be refunded by the Club. Purchasing a membership does not guarantee a ticket onto any trip, however you will be provided with exclusive access to the booking page. If member bought membership for access onto trip, and did not manage to book onto the trip due to sell out or high demand or can no longer attend the trip, refund is not available.


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  • Snowsports Club Associate Membership£35.00


  • Beginners long sleeve T-shirt£15.00
  • Cardiff Snowsports-Hipflask£7.50
  • Snowball 2024 Fri 19 Apr 2024 - Members£40.00

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Snowball 2024
19th April 6pm - 10pm
Jacob's Rooftop
To all of our dearest, most gorgeous members, You are herby cordially invited to the 2024 Snow Ball. Please come dressed in your finest attire for a night of fine dining, drinks and company (followed by some fine clubbing). NOW SOLD OUT!