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Welcome to Cardiff Snowsports, where all of Cardiff's finest students can gather to share a mutual appreciation of the white stuff. We're looking forward to another huge year for skiers and snowboarders alike and we're excited about getting as many people involved as possible.

Each year we run two trip abroad over the Christmas and Easter holidays giving you undoubtedly the best weeks of your student lives. CardiffSnowsports is a friendly, inclusive yet crazy group of people who love the snow and the local, artificial version (dendex) equally. For more details about what we get up to here in Cardiff, have a look at our pages below!

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*Refund Policy: Member may refund membership up to one month after purchasing, on the condition that member has not attended ANY snowsports events or training sessions in that month (NOTE: GIAG is not included in this list). If member bought membership for early bird access onto trip, and can no longer attend the trip, refund is not available.*


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  • Snowsports Club Standard Membership£30.00


  • GIAG - Give it a Go! Spectators: Pickup@12:45pm Sat 5 Oct 2019 - Students£4.00
  • GIAG - Give it a Go! Spectators: Pickup@2:15pm Sat 5 Oct 2019 - Students£4.00
  • Beginner Lessons Round 1- Snowboard Mon 14 Oct 2019 - Members£25.00
  • Beginner Lessons Round 1 - Ski Mon 14 Oct 2019 - Members£25.00
  • GIAG - race and recreational give it a go Mon 30 Sep 2019 - Students£5.00
  • race/recratioanl session Mon 14 Oct 2019 - Members£5.00
  • Kings Round 1 Sat 19 Oct 2019 - General£5.00
Trip Launch 2019
17th October
Kongs Cardiff, 114-116 St Mary St, CF10 1DY
Before joining us up in the mountains at Tignes, come along to Kongs for a night of apres where you can will lots of prizes including a FREE TRIP !!!