Monday- Recreational / Freestyle

Freestyle at Cardiff University is back with a bang!

This year we are committed to growing the freestyle family by giving everyone the opportunity to learn freestyle for the first time or familiarise themselves with skills already taught!

At Cardiff this year we are pleased to confirm that Freestyle is only a fiver! This is therefore one of the best ways that you can spend a fiver because at Cardiff Fairwater Dryslope you will be coached by an amazing group of people in a friendly, chilled environment.

Join us from 8:15 pm for a fun filled hour of drops, boxes and rails. Minibuses leave 45 minutes before the session starts!

Every Other Tuesday- Trampolining

Want to know the best place for a tutorial?

The trampoline park. Anyone who's anyone in the freestyle world will tell you that if you can do it on a trampoline, you can do it on the snow. Every Thursday we gather the troops to hone our skills in the air. Spins, grabs, flips and corks.

The perfect place to learn.

Strap on our trampoline board for a more accurate representation of what its really like in the air! The trampoline park is a second home to freestylers. Its a big kids playground with the added bonus of being able improve your skills.

Oh and did I mention there is a dodgeball area? Yeah.. There's a trampoline dodgeball area.

Comps - BUDS, BUISC, Afterjam

Get ready for some freestyle madness as this year as BUDS and Afterjam return with a BANG! We will also be revisiting BUISC this year after the success of last year! 

BUDS -the best weekend of your life! Great team-bonding, big sends, and the chance for BUCS points!

BUISC -a qualifying round followed by a final, all on INDOOR SNOW! Also another BUCS points chance!

Afterjam -BUDS, but condensed into one day of BIG stunts and sends followed by a DJ set at the slope! A must-go!

For more info: message @Cardiffsnow on Facebook or insta, or speak to our Freestyle Captain Liv -