Want to try something a bit outside of the box? Why not give racing a go!  Whether you have absolutely no experience in racing or you are just looking to improve your slalom technique, our training sessions allow you to learn how to hit the gates and hone your skills. 


Every Monday we run training sessions for all levels at the local dry slope costing just £5. You can get exactly what you want out of training, whether it is just to have a laugh in the slopes or learn from others who are more experienced and practicing drills to perfect your technique. 

Stay tuned for updates on timings for regular training throughout the first semester, but first, come along to the Give it a Go session for race training on October 3rd - see the event for more details. 



Throughout the year we get to compete all over the country in some regional competitions (kings) and national competitions (BUDS/BUISC). The competitions always have a great and friendly vibe making sure you have a blast! Ski racing is a hugely social sport with competetive spectating so come along and see what all the fuss is about! Don't think that you have to be a pro to compete either, we want to include as many people as possible and our main aim is to have a great time.


To stay up to date with events keep a sharp eye out on Facebook, @Cardiffsnow.
If you've got any questions contact our Race Captain
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