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Cardiff Mens Medics Hockey

There are plenty of great chances to play sport representing the Cardiff Medical School, and if hockey is your game, we’ve got the team to match it. With an ever expanding group of players ranging from first to final years, and a solid network of Old Boys, the spirit of the CMHC is clear to see. We welcome players of all skills, whether you’ve decided to give hockey a go at University, or you’ve played for England, we can safely say there is a place for you in the Medics Hockey Club.

Cardiff Medics Hockey Club (CMHC) has been in existence for a long as anyone still associated with the club can remember and is run along side its sister club Cardiff Medics Ladies Hockey Club. It used to be compromised of students from the University of Wales College of Medicine (UWCM) until 2004 when it merged with Cardiff University, from whom the club now draws its student members (who are predominantly healthcare students). Despite the merger of institutions, the club and its members still hold dear to their hearts the heritage and values that UWCM encompassed.

On the pitch:

We have 2 teams, both of whom play in Saturday League matches; with the 1st team also playing in BUCS matches on Wednesday afternoons as well. As well as this, the 2nds provide a great platform for some of the less experienced younger players to flash some style and get some experience of the game at University level.

 Finally, both teams are involved in the annual NAMS tournament, a weekend of mixed hockey, drinking, and pretty much everything in between! Also, one off friendly NAMS weekends are organised to places like Bristol, Birmingham, Southampton etc, which gives a great opportunity to get out of the shackles of work and take the weekend off.

Off The Pitch:

Whilst the results on the pitch are great, it is important never to lose sight of the fact that sport at Uni level should be fun. And in this respect, the CMHC does not fail to deliver! With nights such as Toga Night, Retro Flashback social and many more in between, there is no shortage of good times at the club. The atmosphere on a Wednesday night is unparalleled. Other highlights such the Christmas social and the end of year Hockey Ball, along with Saturday curries and much more alongside that mean that whilst we work hard, we play harder. 

Refund Policy:

Any members who purchase their membership have up to 2 weeks to apply to a refund from the club of half their membership price (£32.50) If so, please contact our Club President and our Treasurer.


If you have any further inquiries, please contact us on social media or email us at

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  • Medics Men's Hockey Club Standard Membership£75.00


  • Junior Club Ties (1st Years after XMAS only - Graduation/4th Year)£20.00
  • OddBalls Cardiff Medics Men and Ladies Bobble Hats£15.00
  • Old Boy Club Ties (Graduates, Masters, 5th - 6th Year Medics)£20.00
  • Club Bow-Ties (2nd years and above only)£15.00
  • Bus ticket - 13/01/24 -Ysgol Bae Baglan£5.75
  • Bus ticket 02/12/23 - Pencoed£11.50
  • Bus 09/10/23 Haverfordwest High School£11.92
  • Bucs participation fee£20.00

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