Fencing Club

Fencing Club

Welcome to the Fencing Club!!!

Fencing is fun, dynamic and fast-paced. It is a very sociable sport and a great way to meet new people both in Cardiff and from other universities. Our sessions include a full body work out, focusing on core strength - an excellent way to keep in shape! As well as working on speed, accuracy and building stamina to make you the best athlete you can be.

About Us:

The Cardiff University fencing club caters for all abilities, from complete beginners to Olympic hopefuls; we have a wide range of sparring partners that partake in recreational and competitive fencing. We run an all kit inclusive, 6 week beginner course at the start of term. Everyone is welcome to come and try!

Training Times:

Our main Uni sessions run twice every week at Talybont Sports Centre, Mondays 17.30-19.30 & Fridays 19.30-21.30 (Courts 5 & 6). Sessions are open to all beginners, intermediates & experienced fencers. Expect a decent warm up, group footwork session & free sparring on the boxes. Please wear trainers and long trackies/jogging bottoms & bring water! We've got plenty kit if you need to borrow anything. If you're a team member, there will be opportunities for one-to-one training with our dedicated professional coaches. Feel free to attend one session a week or both, whatever suits your timetable! Join us at the Blackweir for some post-training food & drink!

On Wednesdays 13:00-17:30, we have Court 6 available reserved for weekly BUCS matches (supporters always appreciated). If there's nothing going on, captains may use this time for team training. If you're in need of some more fencing, members are kindly welcome to spar at the Russell Swords Fencing Club on Mondays 19:30-21:30 (sabre), Tuesdays 19:30-21:30 (foil) & Thursdays 19:30-21:30 (foil/sabre/épée). Lifts to the salle can be arranged. Fencing every day of the week!

Beginner's Course:

We run an all kit inclusive 6 week beginner course during our weekly Monday & Friday sessions at Talybont. Our dedicated coach will provide you with a sound introduction to all three weapons, teach you the basics of refereeing and fencing tactics. After the beginner's course, you'll be able to join the pool of intermediate & experienced fencers sparring on the boxes!

To give you an insight into the world of competitive fencing, the club runs an annual Beginner's Competition for your chance to win the Gwynne Cup!

For beginners, the Standard Fencing Membership includes the entire beginner's course including the competition and access to all training sessions for the year and use of club kit. The premium membership will entitle you to free 1-1 tuition with our professional coach, Peter Russell.


Our Men's 1st, Women's 1st and Men's 2nd all compete in the Western 1A (one division below the premiership) League of British University and Colleges Sport (BUCS), the main Univeristy League for most sports. Potential team members are advised to keep Wednesday afternoon's free for home & away matches. Players with national or international experience may be supported by Cardiff University's High Performance Programme.

With BUCS matches fast approaching, our captains put together a team early in October based on the first few training sessions for our annual friendly match against our local salle, Russell Swords. These decisions are not final and team selections may change throughout the year.  


There are a range of competitions for all levels throughout the year which are available to all members:

- Local competitions such as the Russell Swords Championships (October), Welsh Universities Championships (March) and the end of year Club Championships / Moses Shield (June).

- National opens on our doorstep e.g. Welsh Open (November) & Oxfam Open (December).

- Road trips to competitions further afield including the BUCS Individuals (February) & London International Universities Fencing Tournament (June).

Socials & Club Events:

We run a range of socials that are open to all including club nights, ice skating, fancy dress events, escape rooms, badminton (aka Fencington) and even a treasure hunt!

Our classic annual Christmas Dinner is a highlight. There'll also be an opportunity to have a fencing family (freshers = children, seniors = parents)! Like the Facebook group to keep up to date with all the events!


Our standard membership (£45), includes use of club kit (subject to availability), access to all Uni training sessions & at Russell Swords, professional coaching, opportunity to access competitions and insurance. If you're a beginner, this membership also includes the beginner's course & competition. The premium membership (£55) expands on the standard one by providing individual coaching lessons from our professional coach. To not feel restricted you have the option of moving to this membership during the course of the year as well.

If you're not a student at Cardiff University, you're able to purchase the associate membership (£60) which covers all the same features as above however you're not able to compete in the University BUCS teams.

Refunds only available if you have made no use of your membership (i.e. not having attended training at the University/Russell Swords, having competed or attended socials).

Recent Achievements:

At the Athletic Union Ball in May 2018, Dimitri Coutya won FRESHER OF THE YEAR 2018 

Full colours were awarded to Bethany Ellis & Dimitri Coutya.

In addition, CUFC & it's members were shortlisted for Club of the Year 2018, Sportswoman of the Year, Sportsman of the Year, Most Improved Sportswoman, Most Improved Sportsman and Team of the Year (Women's 1st).

Contact Us:

Find us on Facebook Page, Facebook Group & Twitter or email us at fencing@cardiff.ac.uk

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  • Fencing Club Standard Membership£45.00
  • Fencing Club Erasmus Membership£30.00
  • Fencing Club Premium Membership£55.00
  • Fencing Club Upgrade to Premium Membership£10.00


  • Christmas meal tip£2.50
  • Give it a Go!£2.00
  • Tom Knight Rhino Order£31.50
  • Ben Hibbert Rhino Order£31.50
  • Ellie Paul Rhino Order£31.50
  • Zac Bott Rhino Order£27.00
  • Laura Jeal Rhino Order£27.00
  • Ollie Clarkson Rhino Order£27.00
  • Mark Shuttleworth Rhino Order£27.00
  • Bronwen Lee Rhino Order£117.50
  • Robin Elliot Rhino Order£24.30
  • Jasper Chiu Rhino Order£29.20
  • Laura Copeland Rhino Order£69.50
  • Ben Homewood Rhino Order£27.00
  • Eleanor S Rhino Order£132.00
  • Helen Jing Rhino Order£18.90
  • Emma Robinson Rhino Order£45.50