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Welcome to Cardiff University Rowing Club, the leading University Rowing Club in Wales!

CURC is one of the largest clubs in the Athletics Union and is known for its ‘row hard, play harder’ ethos. Unlike most clubs, we don’t do trials. We want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to try rowing and see what the sport can do for you.


Find us in YOLO every week! Wether you’re drinking pitchers from the oar or just fancy tagging along for a few pints, CURC have something to offer everyone. Our social secs work hard to ensure each theme matches the latter half of our ‘row hard, play harder’ motto, and this year will be no different. Our year begins with the famous back to school social and conclude at the end of each term with a ball, where we finally get to ditch the Lycra and leggings in favour of something more sophisticated. Of course, we mix these up with a few sober socials and activities throughout the year so we get to know each other outside of the training schedule. Our final event sees drink, dressing up ad rowing collide as we set up camp at Henley Royal Regatta and celebrate the end of our season. There’s a social membership on offer as well if you’re just interested in joining us for all the fun!



A typical weekly training plan consists of two to three erg sessions, a supplementary weights, circuit programme and of course, water training. We take advantage of a full fleet, with water sessions typically taking place in 8+, 4+ and 4- boats, although we do offer opportunities for pairs or anyone who’s looking to scull in both heavy and light weight categories.We’re proud to have a reputation as one of the hardest-working teams in the AU, however our coaches and captains ensure training fits around our timetables and allow plenty to time for exams and deadlines. Athletes have the option to train for both competitions, or as recreational members.


Our Winter Head Season begins as we host the largest indoor BUCs event nationally- Welsh Indoors. We always look to enter our crews into more local events, where our Novice Squads regularly come in the top 10 after little more than three months training. After Christmas, the focus turns to Head of the Taff or Worcester, as well as continuing to improve our ranks at HORR/ WEHORR on the Thames. The second largest University Boat Race at Welsh Varsity is a particularly exciting start to our Regatta Season; this year we'll be competing to retain the shield against Swansea. BUCS Regatta is the final event before our novice and senior crew merge, where each team gets to see how far they've come against unviersity rowing clubs across the country. After the merge, we participate in wider events such as Reading AM, Marlow and Henley. In the past, our women's crews have qualified for Henley Women's Regatta and, with Cardiff Athletes and Alumni, performed at the Home International Regatta.



We're excited to announce our sponsors for this coming year! They help to provide us with the facilities we need each year to continue training hard.


Village Health + Wellness Club

Fran's Injury Rehab


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*Refund Policy

Athletes seeking a refund must inform the President or Secretary of the club who will present their case to the Committee for consideration. Athletes who have not attended ANY training sessions with Cardiff University Rowing Club will be entitled to a full reimbursement of their fee. Athletes who have undertaken some training with Cardiff University Rowing Club could be entitled to a partial refund of their membership fee, dependent on the circumstances and at the discretion of the Committee.

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  • Rowing Club Senior Membership£160.00
  • Rowing Club Novice Membership£45.00
  • Rowing Club Social Membership£20.00
  • Rowing Club COBRA/Alumni Membership£50.00
  • Rowing Club Cox£30.00


  • CURC ties£15.00
  • Hereford Regatta Trailering ONLY (for those who made own way)£6.00
  • Awards Ball-2024£45.00
  • Monmouth Trailering ONLY£6.00
  • Worcester Trailering ONLY£11.00
  • Worcester Spring Regatta Transport and Trailering£22.00
  • BUCS Transport and Trailering£15.00
  • Monmouth Transport and Trailering£14.00
  • Monmouth Seat Fee 2024£11.50
  • Hereford Seat Fee 2024£12.00
  • Hereford Regatta Transport and Trailering£13.50
  • Camp Transport Fee£37.00
  • Camp Transport Fee (Drivers Discount)£22.00
  • Camp Transport Fee (half journey only)£18.50
  • BUCS Seat Fee£15.00
  • BUCS Accommodation per night£34.40
  • Worcester Spring Regatta seat fee 2024£12.00
  • 2nd Hand Kit£20.00
  • CURC Bow Ties£12.50
  • Novice Membership Term 2 + 3£45.00
  • Gloucester Seat Fee£17.00
  • Gloucester Trailering£16.50
  • Varsity Base Layer£15.00