Medics Ladies' Hockey Club

Cardiff Medics Ladies’ Hockey Club is an ambitious and sociable club for Cardiff students studying any course, and of any hockey ability.

Our ethos allows students to participate in a team sport alongside their course and other commitments. We acknowledge that these are sometimes your main priority, and that's ok!

We currently have 3 teams and a development squad, all competing in a variety of leagues:


- On Wednesdays, BUCS league Western 2b with USW 1s and Swansea 2s. 

- On Saturdays, South Wales Women’s Hockey (SWWL) Premier league 2, competing against teams across South Wales such as Gwent 1s, Cardiff Uni 1s and 2s. 

- Semi-finalists in BUCS Cup 2020


- On Wednesdays, BUCS league Western 3b, alongside Swansea 2s, Aberystwyth 2s and Cardiff Met 3s

- On Saturdays, SWWL Division 2 after a promotion at the end of 19/20 season

- Quarter finalists in BUCS Cup 


- On Saturdays, SWWL Division 4


The development squad is set up to encourage those that have never played hockey or haven't played in a long time to come and join us and improve their skills and build confidence. Most of our games are friendlies against other local clubs.


Training is on at Talybont Astro

- 1’s and 2’s are on Thursday evenings 6:00pm-7:30pm

- 3’s and Dev squad are on Sunday’s 4:00pm-6:00pm

Everyone is expected to attend these sessions (hungover or otherwise), but we understand that events clash and work piles up, just let your captains know (especially if you’re aiming for a team place!)

We have regular mixed NAMS matches and socials with our male counterpart Cardiff Medics Men’s Hockey. In November we head off to Southampton for TITS (Tournament in the South) for a night to (not) remember! This is followed up with a NAMS weekend tournament, last year held in Birmingham, and in the summer we head to Sonning Hockey Festival.

Socials are great fun with CMLHC, they're a very popular aspect of membership and a great way to become closer with everyone in the club. Wednesday evenings start off at Cathays Sports and Social with all the medics sports teams. After we have all caught up with each other we make our way down to the Student Union for #YOLO. We have themed nights throughout the year such as toga night, ABBA and Curry social. The Christmas social and Hockey Ball are two socials we hold jointly with the boys and are a great way to celebrate both individual and team successes throughout the year. 


Full membership – £60 for the whole year (reductions are made for people who join in January)

Social membership – £10 (this is purely for attending socials, no hockey is included here!)


Club Refund Policy – Refunds of up to 80% the full value of annual membership fees will be given for 30 days after membership has been paid. If you would like to remain as a social member only, an additional £10 (social member fee) will be deducted from your refund. 


Keep up to date with us!

- "Like" the joint Facebook page - 

- Join our Facebook groups 

Our page –

Dedicated freshers page – 


Boy’s page – 

- @CMLHC on Instagram

- @CMLHC on Twitter

If you have any questions:


Message anyone on our CMLHC Facebook page or Instagram!


Hope to see you soon xxxx

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  • Medics Ladies' Hockey Club Standard Membership£45.00
  • Medics Ladies' Hockey Club Half Year Membership£25.00


  • CMLHC Socks£8.50
  • CMLHC hockey socks£8.50

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