Medics Ladies' Hockey Club

Medics Ladies' Hockey Club

Cardiff Medics Ladies’ Hockey Club is an ambitious and sociable club for all levels of hockey players! We invite anyone  to play for us, with a focus on healthcare courses, welcoming medics, dentists, physios, nurses to name a few. Our ethos allows students studying healthcare courses to participate in a team sport alongside their course commitments. We acknowledge that placements and other course commitments are your main priority, and will not penalise you for that!

We currently compete in a variety of leagues, giving people many opportunities to play:
* 1st team represents Cardiff University 2nd XI and plays in BUCS (Western 1A) alongside Cardiff Met 1s, UWE 1s, Bristol 2s and Cardiff University 3s
* 1st team also play in South Wales Prem 1 competing against teams across South Wales such as Swansea Uni 1s, Cardiff Uni 1s, Gwent Ladies 1s and Cardiff and Met 1s.
* 2nd team plays in BUCS league Western 3B, alongside Cardiff University 5s Cardiff Met 3s, Swansea 2s and Aberystwyth 1s
* The 2nd team were promted this year to Division 3 on a Saturday and the 3rd team play in division 4.

The development squad is set up to encourage those that have never played hockey or haven't played in a long time to come and join us and improve their skills/learn from the basics. Development squad has been running with great success for 5 years now, we organise friendlies regularly to help boost your confidence and skills.

As well as the above formal leagues you’ll also have the opportunity to play in “friendlies” if you’re looking for extra game time or a confidence boost, and in mixed NAMS matches with our male counterpart Cardiff Medics Men’s Hockey.

In terms of commitment, training is on Sunday’s 4-6pm for 1XI and 2XI players, and 9.30-11 for 3XI/development quad. Everybody is expected to attend (hungover or otherwise) but obviously we do understand there are occasions where you might be going home or have some other event, and if that is the case just let the captains know (especially if you are aiming for a team place!). 

Socials are great fun with CMLHC, they're a very popular aspect of membership and a great way to socialise with everyone in the club. Wednesday evenings start off at Cathays Sports and Social where all the medics sports teams will start. After we have all caught up with each other we make our way down to the Union (#YOLO). We have themed nights throughout the year such as toga night, tribal and Halloween social. The Christmas social and Hockey Ball are two socials we hold jointly with the boys and are a great way to celebrate both individual and team successes throughout the year. 

During the year there are also a couple of weekend tours to play mixed hockey. In November we head off to Southampton for TITS (Tournament in the South) for a night and in the summer term, there is the annual NAMS tournament which lasts the whole weekend and a summer tour to Sonning hockey festival. These events are not to be missed!

If you have any questions:

Full membership - £55 for the whole year (reductions are made for people who join in January refreshers)

Social membership - £10 (this is purely for attending socials, no hockey is included here!)

Club Refund Policy-  Refunds of up to 80% the full value of annual membership fees will be given for 30 days after membership has been paid. If you would like to remain as a social member only, an additional £10 (social member fee) will be deducted from your refund. 

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  • Medics Ladies' Hockey Club Standard Membership£55.00
  • Medics Ladies' Hockey Club Social Membership£10.00


  • Scrunchie (Pink)£2.00
  • Scrunchie (Purple)£2.00
  • Scrunchies (PINK AND PURPLE)£3.00
  • CMLHC Socks 2019£8.50