Cardiff University Mixed Martial Arts Club

What is Mixed Martial Arts?

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is often referred to as cage fighting - due to competitions regularly taking place within an octagonal cage. This diverse sport is, however, a combination of all forms of martial arts. Over the past 30 years disciplines such as Wrestling, Boxing, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu have begun to be brought together in various ways to create the continually evolving fighting system that we call MMA. There is no singular type of martial art that dictates what needs to be taught in order to compete in MMA - however modern MMA doctrine focuses exclusively on developing the best ways of defending oneself and defeating an opponent. The principle of finding the most practically effective way for a person to fight gives our sport a unique level of utility across both competitive environments and self defence situations.


What do we do?

Cardiff Univeristy MMA training (along with all MMA gyms) covers striking with fists, elbows, knees, shins and feet from standing as well as on the ground, defensive and offensive wrestling, clinching and grappling techniques such as pins, sweeps, takedowns, locks, chokes and rolls (from both a cage and open mat). These skills can be practiced during our open mat sparring or put to the test against fighters from Universities across the UK in competitions throughout the year.


When/Where do we train?

Training details for the 2023/4 academic year will be released soon so stay tuned.


What should I bring?

All you need to get started on your MMA Journey is a set of comfortable sports clothes, some water and yourself!

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  • Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Standard Membership£80.00


  • Single session (Non-members)£5.00
  • GIAG 4th October£4.00
  • GIAG 11th October£4.00