Law Review Online Blog

If you fancy getting involved and writing for the Cardiff University Law Review, here are a few things we look for and enjoy reading:

  •  High Class Formative Essays
  •  Legal topic areas of your interest
  •  Personal interests within law
  •  Your experiences of Law
  •  Experiences of interviews, assessment centres and applications

The blog will be updated frequently, and the best articles will be included in our final Cardiff University Law Review publication, a great achievement to add to your CV!

Additionally, anyone who submits an article to the Law Review online blog will get invited to attend our end-of-year celebration event, where our sponsors just might be there to congratulate you in person and discuss your pieces! This is an invaluable opportunity, so don't miss out.

Our Law Review Editor-in-Chief for this year is Arthur Ddamulira. Any queries you have relating to the Cardiff University Law Review can be sent to him at

Visit the online blog here: