Cardiff University Law Society works closely with the Law School to arrange the internal mooting competitions, and entering students into external competitions. The Mooting Competitions are arranged directly by the Law School, so please contact Jessica Mant ( for any enquiries. 

Every year, there are two internal competitions: one for 2nd year students, and one for 3rd year/GDL students. There are also several external competitions which will be open to students. 

Before a moot, competitors will be sorted into teams of two. Both members of a team will work together as Senior Counsel and Junior Counsel, to research the law and develop their arguments based on a point of law given in a scenario. These arguments will be outlined in their skeleton argument. Counsel on both teams will then make their arguments to the judge in a mock trial, who will intervene with any questions he/she may have.

This is therefore a great opportunity to improve analytical skills, research skills, and public speaking skills, all of which are essential for a career in law and many non-law careers. In addition, judicial interventions will test your ability to think quickly, while being put under some pressure, a skill which is essential for interviews, and in most legal careers.

The Law Society will be running events to prepare students for moot trials, and to improve students’ advocacy skills.

You Xian Ng is our Bar Officer for 2020/21. He can be contacted at

What Is Mooting?