Law Sports

Cardiff University Law Society is home to three fantastic sports teams  - Netball, Football and Rugby. All teams compete in the University's intra-mural sports league (IMG) on a regular basis, as well as holding weekly training sessions.

Each team is also famous for its socials which usually take place every fortnight.


It has been another busy week for Law Sport.

Rugby lost a tough game against CARBS, but came out on top against GymGym with a 14-7 win.

In the Football, Law A lost 4 - 2 to CARBS but beat Medics 3s 1-0. Unfortunately Law B lost 6-1 to Engin Loco.

Finally, Netball have had 4/4 wins over the last fortnight (with two games yet to be played due to reading week). As beat IMG C 25-4 and Cardiff Met B 20-7. Bs beat Pharmacy A 10-9, and Cs beat CARBS C 15-5. Well played girls!!

If you're interested in Law Sport please email Sasha Poole (Sports Secretary) at