About Cardiff Law Society

Cardiff University Law Society is the centre of the Law School’s social activities and has a staunch following amongst Law students at the University. It currently enjoys a membership of over 200 students, making it one of the largest societies at Cardiff University.

The Society aims to enhance the social, educational and extra-curricular opportunities for its student members. It organises many socials throughout the year on a regular basis; these include the annual Law Ball held in City Hall, the annual Law Society Trip, regular socials and many more events throughout the year.

We appreciate the difficulties of doing a law degree and the socialising that is necessary to ensure we play as hard as we work. Aside from our social focus however, we also know that University is the springboard for potential careers and the importance of improving your legal experience to allow your CV to flourish. You can get involved with numerous competitions, hear talks from prestigious names in the legal profession, attend networking events to improve your contacts for the future and you will have the opportunity to visit law firms and the Inns of Court to experience for yourself what is considered a "typical day" in the life of a solicitor or barrister.

There is also a multitude of other 'CV gold dust' opportunities to get involved with the Law Society, all of which look great to a prospective employer. These include, but are by no means limited to, the following: writing an article for our 'Law Review' publication; being elected as First Year or Postgraduate Representative; attending a careers session on partaking in our Commercial Awareness Award; becoming a member of one of our important sub-committees.

Awards and Nominations

2017/18: LawCareers.Net Best Social Event 2018 Winner

2018/19: LawCareers.Net Best Society For First Years 2019 Nominee

               CUSU Best Large Society 2019 Winner

2019/20: LawCareers.Net Best at Student Engagement 2020 Winner

               LawCareers.Net Best Society Overall 2020 Nominee

               CUSU Best Large Society 2020 Nominee

Articles & News

'Inclusivity in the Workplace: Cardiff University Law Society Hosts Their First Diversity Events' by Luisa De la Concha Montes (November 2019) 

'Law Society scoops engagement prize at annual awards ceremony' (March 2020)

'Five ways to engage your student law society' by Cardiff University Law Society (April 2020) 

Presidents of Cardiff University Law Society

2005 - 2006:   Joe Al-Khayat

2006 - 2007:   Nicholas McDonald

2007 - 2008:   Elissa Bowell

2008 - 2009:   Abdullah Kahloon

2009 - 2010:   Nicholas Wolfe

2010 - 2011:   Marcus Coates-Walker

2011 - 2012:   James Rimmer

2012 - 2013:   Isaac Paine

2013 - 2014:   Enfys Jenkins

2014 - 2015:   Joseph Perrins

2015 - 2016:   Chelsea Mitchell

2016 - 2017:   Alexander Love

2017 - 2018:   Emilie Archer

2018 - 2019:   Isabel Rawlings

2019 - 2020:   Gabriella Gropper

2020 - 2021:   Thomas Eastment

* Please note that the above list of past and present Presidents is incomplete.