Staff Student Panel

The Law School's Staff-Student Panel is a consultative committee dedicated to act as a forum for discussion between student representatives and key members of staff, in order that the school remains responsive to student opinion. The panel makes suggestions and interventions on school policy, raising matters from module choices to assessment feedback with the Law School Undergraduate Board of Studies and/or the School Board. 

As well as their involvement in the academic policy of the school, Student Academic Representatives are also there to make representations on your behalf acting as your first point of contact for queries and complaints, all of which are dealt with as confidentially as you request. While the SSP is not, in itself, a forum for complaints, it is the School's main body for hearing student opinion and the representatives who sit on the panel are there to voice any reasonable complaints or concerns that you may have.

As part of 'Student Voice' - the wider framework of student representation within the University - your SSP Chair and Senior Academic Representative work closely with the Academic and University Affairs Officer at the Students' Union to ensure that student representation within the school remains democratic and fair. This provides a link between the SSP representatives and the University-wide governing bodies which enables Student Academic Representatives to ensure that the Law School remains within University wide guidelines and rules. In the event that an issue has not been resolved at school level, this link becomes vital.

The SSP is a separate body to the Law Society, so if you have any queries or concerns regarding the Law School directly, please contact the SSP panel. They have a Facebook page, and their details can be found on the Law School noticeboard.