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Bright Network

At Bright Network, our mission is to connect ambitious young people from all backgrounds with the brightest career opportunities.

We empower our 350,000+ members with the tools, advice and insights needed to access brilliant opportunities at global companies, such as Accenture, Bloomberg, Clifford Chance, Channel 4, Deloitte, Dyson, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, KPMG, M&S, Morgan Stanley, Ofcom, Police Now, Teach First, UBS and Vodafone.

With over 300+ leading partner employers and a range of unique opportunities for you to meet and connect with key firms throughout the academic year, Bright Network ensures that you can unlock your dream career.

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City Career Series

City Career Series offers a comprehensive range of resources directly relevant to the recruitment process for a wide variety of City careers. Their resources have been designed and collated to assist you right the way through your pursuit of a City career, whether you are just starting out, working on applications, preparing for interviews or gearing up to undertake internships. City Career Series is unique in that it offers careers advice to students and graduates from fellow students and graduates. Their writers have all recently graduated from UK universities and have progressed successfully through the graduate recruitment cycle and secured careers in a range of top City firms in different industries (having collectively attended 100+ interviews and internships). This ensures that the information provided is as simple, concise and relevant as possible and reflects City firms’ current requirements and expectations of candidates.

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The Community Law Project

The Community Law Project UK Ltd is a community based legal company that assists people on low incomes in their legal matters. Research indicates that people on low income have been made the most vulnerable and most likely to face problems accessing legal remedies since the passing of the LASPO Act 2012. The further restrictions on legal impinged on the rights of individual access to professional legal assistance. We aim to bridge the gap between people who need access to justice and legal remedies alongside the professionals who can assist them.

The issues have been exacerbated due to the global pandemic, which has severely impacted the most vulnerable even more so. The negative ramifications have affected the legal industry, particularly law firms. This has in turn impacted the futures of many young legal professionals seeking work. Many internships have been cancelled or postponed, leaving many in the field out of work, particularly recent graduates. Many law firms on top of the legal aid cuts and the results of the pandemic, do not have the capacity or resources to take on the ever-growing number of cases that these low-income people want to bring forth. We sought a solution to solve all these issues at once.

Our team consists of primarily law students and graduates but overall those who are incredibly passionate about using the law to help bring access to justice within their communities. They will assist the community as paralegals to compile cases and evidence for viable cases on behalf of the relevant legal firms. Our main priority is to help community members and law firms prepare to deal with cases presented to them.

Many of those who bring cases are not legally trained and do not know how to compile evidence correctly and may find it difficult to structure said evidence in a cohesive manner to present to their legal firm with a summary of the case.

Clients on low incomes may have further difficulties in accessing emails, printers, scanners or even the internet. Many are caught within the endless cycle of service jumping as many cannot find a service that can completely fill their legal needs and thus keep being referred from one place to another. The limited advice they get from pro bono sessions with lawyers are sporadic and can only be within a 30-minute time span in many cases. To combat this, we have secured a partnership with 350 law firms that provides a 24/7 legal advice live chat tool on our website to give quick, accessible advice at one’s convenience.

Our company is free to register with as a volunteer or a paralegal. Anyone is welcome to sign up who is interested in making their community a better place regardless of degree. For more information, check out our socials and website which can be found here: https://linktr.ee/communitylawproject. To sign up, send an email to daniel.o@communitylawproject.com.


Our members can now view verified applications and cover letters from previously successful Vacation Scheme and Training Contract applicants.

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LawCareers.Net (LCN) is a comprehensive, one-stop online resource created for future lawyers and those who recruit them. Their site contains a number of key elements: extensive editorial content on becoming and working as a lawyer; comprehensive directories of employers and legal educators; continually updated news and features; and practical tools designed to help users manage their research and maximise their chances of breaking into the profession. As such, their site is the market-leading product in a highly competitive environment.

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The Corporate Law Academy

The Corporate Law Academy (TCLA) is an educational platform; they provide online training to help aspiring lawyers excel in their legal careers. It's also a community where students, graduates and future trainees come together to share their experiences and rely on each for support.

Their goal is for TCLA to inspire and support aspiring lawyers in their legal careers. They want more candidates to see the legal profession as accessible, no matter their background or circumstances.

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Watson's Daily

Watson's Daily helps readers improve their commercial and economic awareness by bringing attention to what is important and why in the daily business news and explaining it in plain English. Since it started towards the end of 2014, it has helped people around the world from all walks of life keep in touch with – and better understand – what is important in world stock markets.

The iniative is spearheaded by Cardiff University alumnus Peter Watson who has worked as a stockbroker for 13 years in London and Tokyo. Peter has also worked in HR and as a consultant.

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