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What is NUS?

CUSU (Cardiff University Students' Union) is part of NUS (the National Union of Students). NUS is one of the largest student organisations in the world and represents the interests of around five million students in further and higher education throughout the United Kingdom.

It is a voluntary membership organisation comprising of over 750 local student representative organisations in colleges and universities throughout the United Kingdom. Every one of these is known as a constituent member (CM) and pays an annual subscription fee to NUS. The funds raised from affiliation fees are used to fund the campaigns and activities of the National Union, including the running of all of the democratic structures in which the union is entitled to take part.

What is NUS Wales?

NUS Wales is a nation of NUS and as such CUSU is affliated to NUS Wales. NUS Wales focuses on issues that are affecting students studying in Wales. Since Higher Education is a devolved power NUS Wales is the primary voice for students in the Welsh assembly. For more information on NUS Wales, take a look at their website.

What are member unions entitled to?

Membership means we are entitled to the following:

  • National representation and campaigning (including but not limited to; National Conferences, Government Initiatives and HE Research)
  • Providing the opportunity for Students’ unions to engage in national and local policy making
  • Collective purchasing for students’ unions (students’ unions receive cheaper prices for buying goods to be sold within venues and cafes)
  • Ethical clothing sales
  • Totum *Powered by NUS Extra* (this is not available to those who are not affliated)
  • Support for elections
  • Training and development for Part-time and full-time officers as well as students’ union staff
  • Crisis consultancy

Further information on conferences, training sessions, and other activities can be found here

How can I influence NUS Wales?

You have the opportunity to influence and inform national policy through NUS Conference and NUS Wales Conference. We send delegates every year to two conferences, these delegates are elected through a cross-campus election. If you're interested in representing your university and students' union at NUS Wales Conference, feel free to get in touch.

Who are the 2019 NUS Wales Delegates?


Henri Page

Jackie Yip

                       Janet Williams


Amr Alwishah

Jeevan Kaur

                         Hugh Kocan


Nicholas Fox

William Rees


Who are the 2019 NUS UK delegates?

Henri Page

Jackie Yip

Tom Kelross

Janet Williams

Jeevan Kaur

Daniel Mapatac

Amr Alwishah

Jake Smith

Nicholas Fox

What is NUS NEC?

The National Executive Council (NEC) is made up of elected representatives from across NUS – some members are elected at National Conference and others are elected at Nations, Liberation and Sections conferences to ensure representation from those areas.

NEC is the main scrutiny and accountability body for NUS officers. The President and Vice-Presidents present a report at each meeting and take questions on their plans of work. NEC also acts as an interim policymaking body between meetings of National Conference to discuss issues which need addressing immediately.

NEC is chaired by the National President.

The proposed standing orders for 2016/2017 can be found here. More information including papers of NEC can be found here

Run for an NUS Wales position

The President is the elected leader of students in Wales’ colleges and universities. The role tends to absorb most of the public facing duties – acting as the voice and face of students studying in our nation.

Between the President and Deputy President, the roles share a portfolio of work. This work is outlined annually in the Scheme of Work – an amalgamation of the policies passed at Conference, the manifestos of the full-time officers, the current issues of the day and the resource that NUS Wales has available to make it all happen.

Primary areas of work include further and higher education, as these are central to the work of representing students. Students don’t live their lives in colleges and universities. Other areas of work include housing, mental health and other welfare related issues. If something effects the lives of students, NUS Wales can play a role in representing them. For more information, please see the NUS Wales Conference webpage.



Below you will find a testimonial about being a first-time delegate. 




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