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Room Booking

If you are an external organisation looking to book Students' Union rooms, please contact our sales team SUsales@cardiff.ac.uk.

For Societies and Clubs, bookings can be made via our room booking system. Each Society and Club has individual log in details. To find out yours, please contact the Societies Coordinator or Athletic Union.

Bookable meeting rooms are listed below:

Room Optional Set-Up AV Notes
Sir Donald Walters Boardroom  16 seats boardroom style Y  
Meeting Room 4A 15 seats classroom style Y Combined with 4B from 18:00
Meeting Room 4B 15 seats classroom style Y Combined with 4A from 18:00
Meeting Room 4C 15 seats classroom style Y  
Meeting Room 4D 15 seats classroom style Y  
Meeting Room 4E 6 seats boardroom style N  
Meeting Room 4G 15 seats classroom style Y  
Meeting Room 4H 15 seats classroom style Y  
Meeting Room 4I 15 seats classroom style Y  
Meeting Room 4J 100 seats theatre style
30 seats boardroom style
Y Optional full length mirrors

There are some things you need to know when booking rooms:

  • Bookings can be made up to 5 weeks in advance.

  • Bookings must be made 3 days in advance, so get planning!

  • There is no IT support in the evening or at weekends.

  • Let reception or security know every time you arrive for a booking.

  • Catering can be booked under ‘More Options’ when making a booking, these have minimum numbers and must have at least 2 weeks’ notice.

  • No Under 18s are allowed in the SU Building without prior permission from the Students' Union. 

As well as a few things we ask of you when using the space:

  • All rooms must be left how you found them.

  • Always return the key after your booking (even if someone is in the room after you, they need to sign it out themselves, so you don’t get the blame!)

  • No alcohol or hot food are allowed in meeting rooms.

  • Make sure you log into the online system to cancel a booking if you no longer need it (please don’t leave rooms booked and empty!)

  • Bookings with a guest speaker must have a guest speaker form submitted a minimum of 21 days in advance, contact the Societies Coordinator for more information.

  • Include as much information about your session in the ‘General Notes’ section, we don’t want any surprises!

  • Many bookings are end to end, make sure you are ready to leave at the end of your booked time.

  • All meeting rooms close at 22:00 with no exceptions.

  • Rooms can only be used if they have been booked on the online system.

  • Listen and adhere to all advice and instruction given by security or SU staff.

  • Any amendments to a booking on the day can only be made during office hours, get in touch for amendments.

Please note: Every now and then we may have to cancel a booking but we’ll try our best to find an alternative if this happens!

Booking privileges may be limited if any of the above is not adhered to. Please be good!

University Rooms

Complete the online form to book space in the University. Information about rooms available can be found on the Intranet. Rooms in the University can only be booked until 9pm and have the same guidelines as SU rooms.

Commercial Venue Booking

If you're looking to book The Lodge, the Food Court, Y Plas or the Great Hall, please contact our Sales Team on SUSales@cardiff.ac.uk

Commercial venues need to be booked as early as possible. All venues come as they are and do not have any technical support, unless arranged and specified for an individual event.


Societies and Clubs are unable to screen films during their events without appropriate licensing. It is normally possible to get a Single Title Screening License (STSL) for most UK/US films via Film Bank Media, but these cost approximately £100 or more for a single screening. Alternatively, you can get written permission directly from the filmmakers that they are happy for you to screen the film to an audience.