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Skills Development Service

The units were exactly what I was hoping they would be- informative and giving a direction for personal improvement. I can say with confidence that I have started to work on developing the skills I was previously lacking. I can already see the difference in my daily life after attending the courses.

The Skills Development Service (SDS) provides a range of courses aimed at building your confidence, improving your transferable skills and increasing your employability potential. Certificates are awarded for successful completion of courses and are highly regarded by employers.

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Course Overview

The courses offered by the Skills Development Service are broken down into three main areas:

Certificate of Professional Development

Progression and Well-being Certificate

Externally-Accredited Courses and Sessions

SDS Timetable

The timetable for Skills Development Service courses over the 2016-2017. The scheduled workshops for the final semester is available here

Booking a session

Book a session

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If you have any queries please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page first. Contact us if your question hasn't been answered there.

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The Skills Development Service reserves the right to cancel, postpone or substitute sessions. Prior notice will always be given to those who have enrolled on the courses affected.

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