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Skills Development Service

Every moment you spend not developing yourself, someone out there is getting better than you.

The Skills Development Service (SDS) provides a range of training courses and sessions designed to build confidence, improve transferable skills and increase employability to learners interested in developing for their future after graduation with the added bonus of gaining certification.

We have made some enhancements in our programme for 2017-18 which includes a new award entitled Certificate of Personal Development.  This largely supercedes the Certificates of Professional Development in Communication, Personal Effectiveness and Leadership and the Progression and Well-being Certificate and provides you with more freedom of choice in working towards certification.

I only wish that I'd known about SDS sooner during my time in Cardiff ... it's a fantastic scheme and can help students to really find their strength.

We are also introducing a new Diploma "Apprenticeship" Award for students involved in Leadership roles either in a paid or voluntary capacity. 

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Course Overview

The courses offered by the Skills Development Service are broken down into three main areas:

Certificate of Personal Development (CPD)

Diploma of Professional Development in Leadership (DPD)

Externally Certified Courses and Sessions

SDS Timetable

The timetable for Skills Development Service CPD and DPD sessions over the 2017-18 Spring semester is available here

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Since experiencing a substantial set back in the rejection from what I had considered to be my dream job, I feel as though the SDS has given me access to training which has truly enabled me to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses and allow me to reconsider how I can use my capabilities to suit me best.

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If you have any queries please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page first. Contact us if your question hasn't been answered there.

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The Skills Development Service reserves the right to cancel, postpone or substitute sessions. Prior notice will always be given to those who have enrolled on the courses affected.

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