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Starting March 22nd to the 24th 2019

For those of you who don’t know, Jailbreak is a major event in the student calendar.  The general idea is that you are in teams of 2-4 and you have 52 hours to get as far away from Cardiff and back as possible. The catch? You are not allowed to spend your money on travel. You’ll have to beg, borrow (we don’t advise stealing) and charm your way onto flights, ferries and coaches.

The 2018 Jailbreak Winners, Alcatraz Angels, got to Lanzarote and back, amazing! Teams fundraised so much money this year, which is amazing and the biggest amount fundraised was over £1700 by team Moon Club, this is astounding. The last of our 3 big awards went to team No Ligrets who were the most engaged over social media. They won a mixture of prizes, from spa days to meals out and a VIP night out on the town. Well done all!

If you're interested in signing up then just click the link here

Part of a sports team or society? This will count as one of your volunteering activities with Cardiff Volunteering for the tiering system! (You need to do 1 a year for silver, 1 a term for gold). Also half of all the funds you raise can go towards your society/sports team/another charity of your choice.

Follow the progress of this year’s teams (map can sometimes take a while to update)