About My Role

Jane represents all postgrad students on the issues and policies that affect them. Jane will be continuing to work towards building a postgraduate community at Cardiff University.

About Me

Welcome! My name is Jane. I am the Students’ Union Vice President for Postgraduate Students. The main crux of my job is to represent Postgraduate Students across all the campuses at Cardiff University; from Postgraduate Certificates, Diplomas, Taught & Research master’s degrees, and PhDs. I am the bridge between you and that fantastic idea you have, in making Cardiff University and the Student Union serve you better. To put it simpler, I am here to lead and learn from you.

I grew up in South-east of Nigeria; in a city built on a hill, popularly known as Coal City. I went to Holy Child Nursery School and Saint Paul’s Primary School for the first part of my education. After which, I was bundled into a boarding school (Holy Rosary College, Enugu), where I spent the first three years of my teenage years trying to beg my way out rather than staying in – I loved school and the learning process that comes with it. I just never thought I could enjoy it behind a closed gate. Well, moving on, I did my undergraduate study at Godfrey Okoye University, where I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry. I am currently studying for a master’s degree in public health, under the Faculty of Medicine at Cardiff University.

Over the years, I have worked with teams driving change and growth. My drive for experiencing life in its fullest (coming through a place and letting the place and its culture pass through you), could be traced back to my high school days. Whether as a class prefect, a captain, the school prefect or simply, an executive at my local church, I have been on a leadership and mentoring path from the start. The nous? I like making people passionate about the things I am passionate about; I like motivating them to discover what motivates them. Right now, I am in the business of helping you figure out what expectations you had from Cardiff University, how many were met, and why those expectations mattered to you. I’m here to figure out the best way to turn your experience from good to better.

Outside the office, I am committed to education through everyday events, human interactions, stories and shared experiences. I am fluent in the Igbo Language (and speak English and a little French), and I am always looking to master the British Sign Language over tea or coffee – I buy, you teach. I like to think I can draw and paint and if you challenge me to an afro-freestyle dance, I will win. I live for the spiritual and social life and would probably recruit you for a bible study or a dance class. Spend a day with me, and I will make you understand the importance of the little things in life and how much they keep the big things in place.

My priorities for this year include:

  • Improve Prospective and Postgraduate Students’ Campus Tour Experience.
  • Ensure Programmes adjust for postgraduate Students, based on Health or Mental needs.
  • Create collaborative virtual meetings with PGT and PGR students from other Universities.
  • Improved Online Resources added to School website to facilitate quality research and academic writings.
  • I am continuing the work for employment rights and support for PhD students paid to teach at the University.
  • I am continuing the work to build a vibrant postgraduate and mature students Community.

In times like this and in an era where we are more likely to succeed than ever before, it is no longer a eureka that no one is too small or too big to start a change or inspire a movement or sustain a change. So, if you have ideas and want to get involved in deciding how best the School and Union can serve you, send me an email.

What I'm Working On?