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About My Role

Sebastian works to improve the healthcare student experience and the services at the Heath Park Site. Sebastian represents healthcare students on everything and anything whether that may be academic issues or getting involved in clubs and societies.

About Me

Shwmae everyone. I am Seb Ripley. I have just completed my second year as an undergraduate studying Physiotherapy, and this year I will be your VP Heath Park Campus!

I currently live in Cardiff, having moved here from the Cotswolds a few years ago. However, most of my younger years were spent at school in Monmouth, where I studied Biology, Geography and PE. Not long into my time at Monmouth, and exploring Physiotherapy, I decided I wanted to study in Cardiff.

During my time here, I have discovered the massive range of clubs, societies and activities that are on offer and have tried to get involved in as much as I can. I play rugby with Cardiff Medics RFC and have already made lasting memories from our historic NAMS final victories last season.

After working on my predecessor’s (Shekina Ortom) Executive Committee, I learnt the positive impacts that we as students can make. University offers unique opportunities to make positive changes in our education, social lives, and broader community. I ran for this role, so I may represent the Heath Park Campus in the distinctive challenges that we face, and with the aim of improving the student experience for everyone to the best it can be.

Together we can make real change.

My Priorities for this year include:

  • To improve the placement experience, making the process easy and transparent.
  • Increase the Campaign Officer’s presence at the Heath Park Campus, ensuring Heath students do not miss out on ongoing campaigns.
  • Develop the existing the Welfare and Support systems, to educate students on how best to have their voices heard.
  • Support and publicise student lead campaigns at the Heath.
  • Continue work into how to reduce costs for students on the Campus.

What I'm Working On?

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