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As a student at Cardiff University, you are automatically a member of the Students' Union. This gives you the chance to vote and have your voice heard on things that you care about.

We will be visiting different locations around campus throughout the year with our Democracy from Day One roadshow to get your opinion on a range of things and to hear about what's important to you right now.

We will listen to what you all say, and do our best to improve your student experience while you're studying in Cardiff based on this.

Come along to chat to your Sabbatical Officers about the things that are important to you, and see the impact that your vote can have.

Below there are details of upcoming events and roadshows, as well results from previous roadshows and details of what actions we're going to take based on your votes.

If you can't make it to our roadshows, you can still get involved. Follow @CU_StudentVoice on Twitter to give your feedback or cast a vote in our online polls.

Upcoming Events

More events coming soon!


Democracy from Day One: Students’ Union Policy

How should Students’ Union Policy be decided?

Democracy from Day One: Academic Issues

Campaigning on academic issues: what does it mean for you?

Democracy from Day One: Campaigning | Democratiaeth o Ddydd Un: Ymgyrchu

What issues would you like to see us campaign on? | Pa faterion hoffech chi ein gweld yn ymgyrchu arnynt?

Democracy from Day One: VP Heath Park

If you were VP Heath Park Officer, what would you do?


Wall of Wins

Each year, you elect a team of students to represent you. These students are your Sabbatical Officer team, and they work on lots of projects throughout the year, from lobbying the University to change and improve the things you care about, campaigning on the issues that matter to you, and representing your voice as a student at Cardiff University. The Wall of Wins shows what they have achieved for you thanks to your vote in the elections