Living in University Accommodation

Cardiff University has a large number of student accommodations that you can stay in during your academic programme. You can find out more about the University accommodation that is available to Cardiff University students on the Cardiff University webpages.

We appreciate that living in new accommodation during the pandemic is likely to come with its challenges. For guidance on living in University accommodation at this time, we would encourage you to also visit our webpages Prevention and Isolation in Student Accommodation and Student Conduct in University Residences.

Reporting maintenance issues

The University is committed to ensuring that your time in University Accommodation is as good as it can be. There are, however, times when you may experience a maintenance issue. If this is the case, have a look below at for what you should do.

If you are experiencing a maintenance issue in your University Accommodation you should not hesitate in filling out the Residences Fault Reporting Form.

Any emergence repairs such as flooding, water coming through your ceiling, or loss of utilities (such as water or electrcitiy) should be reported by telephone immediately to your Residence Reception Staff. You can find their contact number on the front of your residences card. Numbers for the Residences are also listed at the bottom of this webpage. If you experience an issue outside of normal working hours you should contact University Security on +44 (0)29 2087 4444, instead.

Reporting Wi-Fi issues

The University’s wireless network (eduroam) covers all University buildings, including halls of residence, and Cardiff and Vale University Health Board sites. You should be able to connect to eduroam for free on any mobile device, including your laptop, tablet, mobile phone.

If you are having issues connecting your device, please check that you have first followed the steps on this Intranet page. Please note that there are special steps to take when connecting a games console. Unfortunately, it is not possible to connect a wireless printer when using eduroam.

If you are still having issues, you should raise a report your issue using the IT Portal.

Building your Community

We know how difficult it can be to settle into University Accommodation. Moving away from home to live with a group of strangers is perhaps one of the most challenging things most people will have faced in their lives. Luckily, both the University and your Students’ Union have plenty of group and activities on offer to make sure that you settle in as well as possible.

Your Students’ Union

Another great way of getting to know your new surroundings and joining the Cardiff University community is by joining a student group. From Societies, to Sports Clubs and even Student-Led Services there is sure to be a group or two that takes your fancy to join.

Student groups are a fantastic way of meeting like-minded students who will be interested in the same things as you. The best bit is that there’s never a wrong time to join! Whilst a lot new students will join a group in September after freshers fayres, the leaders of these groups are just trying to create a welcoming community and offer a safe place for students to express themselves by doing what they love – so they’ll love to hear from you whenever you’re ready to join.

Residence Life

The University’s Residence Life team are dedicated to enhancing your experience in University Accommodation. Residence Life are comprised of staff coordinators and student assistants, and work closely with the University’s Student Support and Wellbeing, Residence Management, and Cardiff University Students’ Union to encourage you to share your experiences and access support when you need it.

The Residence Life team runs frequent events for global holiday celebrations, as well as life skills workshops and drop-ins across all halls to support you.

You can contact the team via email:

Housemate Disputes and Resolution

Moving away from an area that you know can be extremely difficult and living with a group of relative strangers can be hard.

Take a look at our Housemate Disputes webpage to learn about your options if you’re having a rough time with those that you’re living with.

Thinking about moving to Private Rented Accommodation?

The most important message we can give you when you’re considering moving to private rented accommodation is don’t rush. Unfortunately, Landlords and Letting Agencies will be pushing you to sign a contract for a property for your next academic year as soon as possible, leading you to believe that the best properties will be snatched up. This is not true.

Contrary to what Letting Agencies will tell you, not all properties will be advertised at the same time. One reason for this is that Agencies will be asking the current tenants whether they would like to resign for the property, and the tenants could take months before they respond, in which time the Agency would not have advertised the property online. The reality is, in Cardiff there are far more student houses than students, and it is very rare that you will not be able to find a property that you like.

One of the biggest reasons that your Students’ Union encourages you not to rush is because this is one of the biggest decisions you will have to make. It is difficult to leave a contract once you have signed, and so you will likely be forced to live with the group of people you sign with. You should, therefore, take your time to ensure that these are the people that you do want to be spending the next year of your life with. The freshers period is a very different time to the rest of the year and whilst we hope you stay friends with your flatmates, course mates, or friends from a society for a long time, you should take longer than a couple of months before you make such a large decision.

When you have found a group of people that you would like to live with and you’re ready to start looking at properties to rent, take a look at our Finding Private Rented Accommodation webpage.

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