Student conduct for COVID-19 breaches in University Residences

student conduct protocol for COVID-19 rules in University accommodation as of 5 February 2021. The protocol tells you what will happen if you allegedly breach the rules, how the University will investigate and what the outcomes may be.

The types of possible breach have been classified into two levels.

Level one

A level one breach includes:

  • having gatherings of more than four residents in communal areas or shared/corridor kitchens
  • mixing of households.
  • the presence of guests and/or people who are not University accommodation residents.

The University are very clear that you have a collective responsibility for a flat, house, household or shared communal spaces. You are expected to stop flat/house mates or members of your household from engaging in gatherings/parties.

A failure to report a breach means that all residents will be collectively responsible along with those who have attended or hosted gatherings/parties.

You can report issues by emailing or by phoning +44 (0)29 2251 1222.

How level one breaches will be dealt with

  • You will be asked to meet with your Residences Manager within two working days of the alleged breach.
  • You will be asked to give your version of events and be given an opportunity to respond to the allegations of the breach.
  • The Residences Manager will consider if the breach has taken place as alleged and whether it can be dealt with as a level one breach.

Behaviour commitment

If you are found to have breached COVID-19 rules in University accommodation, you will be offered the opportunity to sign a behaviour commitment which:

  • means you accept a formal warning that will remain on your record for your period in University accommodation
  • confirms you understand and are committed to following the COVID-19 rules
  • confirms you understand the consequences and that any future breaches will be treated seriously and may result in you being required to move accommodation or eviction from residences.

If you accept the behaviour commitment no further action will be taken in respect of the breach. If you do not accept the behaviour commitment you will be referred for a formal investigation under the Student Conduct Procedure within which a full range of disciplinary sanctions are available.

Level two

A level two breach includes:

  • choosing to not accept the behaviour commitment as identified under a level one breach
  • you have been issued with a fixed penalty notice by South Wales Police
  • repeat breaches
  • serious or aggravated breaches (e.g. uncooperative or belligerent individuals).

How level two breaches will be dealt with

  • You will be referred to Student Cases for formal investigation.
  • You will be invited to an investigation meeting. The date will be determined by an investigating officer and should happen within three working days of the alleged breach.
  • You will be asked to give your version of events, be given an opportunity to respond to the allegations of the breach and make any representations in mitigation of the breach.
  • The investigating officer will produce a summary report which will be shared with you. You will have two working days to comment on the summary report and to provide any further relevant information.
  • The summary report will then be considered by a decision maker, the Head of Student Cases or nominee, who may impose sanction(s) at this point or refer your case for decision by a Student Conduct Panel.

Sanctions for a level two breach

The sanction(s) imposed at this point could include:

  • issuing you with a University formal warning which will remain on your student record for 12 months
  • the opportunity to sign a behaviour commitment (as per level one breaches above)
  • referring you to a Student Conduct Panel for consideration of your breach(es).

Fitness to Practise

If you are studying on a programme leading to a professional registration, the initial investigation meeting notes (as per level two breaches) will be shared with the relevant School’s fitness to practise lead for action under the Fitness to Practise Procedure.

Student Conduct Panel

If your case is referred to a Student Conduct Panel, you will have a further seven days to seek independent advice and make a written statement for the Panel to consider. This is an opportunity for you to refute the evidence presented, make representations of mitigation, reflect on the circumstances or challenge summary information presented by the investigating officer.

The Panel will examine the case papers which will include the investigation summary report and your written statement and representations. You will be notified of the decision of the Student Conduct Panel within three working days of the consideration of the case.

The Panel may impose a range of sanctions including requiring you to move accommodation or issuing a notice of eviction notice which would require you to leave your University residences within 21 days. If you are evicted, you would be banned from entering any University residences.

Right to request a review

You retain the right to request a review within seven days of the decision. Where relevant this may include a review of the notice of eviction. You may at that point also request a full hearing that you may attend. Other than the deadline, which is reduced due to the specific COVID-19 context, this is in line with the University Review Procedure (PDF).

Contact Student Advice
+44 (0)2920 781410