Travelling in Cardiff

One of the great things about living in Cardiff is the ease in which you can travel around the city. Cardiff is often described as being big enough that it has everything you need, but small enough that you could walk anywhere you want to go.




Cycling reduces congestion, frees up parking spaces and provides a healthier way of traveling around the city. Cardiff Council are committed to increasing cycling in the capital, and you can view the current cycle routes here.


Cardiff currently hosts OVO Bikes, which is one of the most extensive bike share operators in the world.


There are 50 stations throughout Cardiff with 500 bikes that you can rent at any time of the day. OVO Bike is a subscription-based bike sharing system.


To register for an account you will need to download the app on to a smartphone, visit their website or call their hotline.


To unlock a OVO Bike you can either scan the QR code or enter the bike number in to the app, or via the hotline.


You can find out more information and where your nearest OVO Bike station is on the OVO Bike website.




If you are between the ages of 16-21 years old you can apply for a free My Travel Pass to save money on your bus travel. This is a Welsh Government scheme which allows young people to save roughly 30% on bus fares. Visit to find out more and to apply.


The Cardiff Bus journey planner allows you to plan your journey and see which buses are most appropriate for you. Most Cardiff University buildings are accessible by bus.




There are several taxi ranks situated around the city centre where you can pick up licensed taxis.


Hackney cabs are black and white or are London taxi style cabs. They display a taxi roof sign and have a licence plate attached to the rear of the vehicle. Only hackney cabs can be hailed from the roadside.


Private hire taxis cannot be hailed at the roadside and must be pre-booked. There is no light on the roof and a yellow licence plate is displayed at the rear of the vehicle. Two examples of a private hire taxi would be Uber and Dragon Taxis.


Safe Taxi Scheme


The Safe Taxi Scheme was launched as a partnership between Cardiff University Students' Union and Dragon Taxis in 2012. The scheme was initiated by our Welfare and Community Officer (2012 - 2013), Megan David, to help students get home safely on nights out. The scheme has continued to grow since then with increased promotion during September and October every year when new students arrive in Cardiff.


No matter where you are in Cardiff, we'll help make sure you get home safely.


  1. Phone Dragon Taxis on 029 2033 3333 quoting ‘Cardiff University Safe Taxi Scheme& rsquo;, giving your name and student number.
  2. When the taxi arrives, give your student card to the driver to check your booking details
  3. When you get home, you’ll be given a receipt card detailing the fare incurred
  4. Within the next few days, visit the Finance Office at the Students’ Union and pay the price of your taxi fare
  5. Access to University services will be blocked if the taxi fare is not paid.


Train Travel


If you are travelling by train you can apply for a 16-25 Railcard which gives you 1/3 off train tickets for anyone aged between 16-25. Sometimes there can be offers for new customers so make sure you are getting the best deal! 


Student Advice
+44 (0)2920 781410