champions sport within the University and local community. represents students who play both competitive and participation sports to both the University and the Union.


Shwmae, I’m Georgie, your new Vice President Sports and Athletic Union President! I am 23 years old and have recently graduated with a degree in Biomedical Science.

I grew up in the Maidenhead area, and went to Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School in Marlow for secondary school and sixth form. Here I was able to develop my passion for all things sporting, and was part of many different sports teams, from netball and hockey to rounders and trampolining. I was made captain of the athletics team, but unfortunately due to injury I had to stop competing in athletics, and instead switched to rowing. This is the sport that I have continued through to Cardiff, and have massively enjoyed my time being part of the club.

My involvement with the Athletic Union began when I was elected as Vice President of the rowing club in 2015/16, with the following year being elected as President. Throughout these two years I gained massive insight into the fantastic work the AU does to support its clubs, and combined with my own positive experiences of sport at Cardiff, inspired me to run in the Students’ Union elections. I strongly believe that sport can have such a positive impact on a student’s time at university, whether they are competing at elite level or just involved in social games and matches once a week.

My priorities for this year include:

  • Understanding the specific needs of each club and providing support for all committees across the AU, whether they are based in Cathays or at the Heath
  • Lobbying the University for investment into the development of sports facilities
  • Aiming to increase participation in sports, focussing on encouraging students to engage and try out new sports by working with the Give it a Go scheme
  • Introducing incentives and rewards for frequent or new gym goers across the university gyms
  • Increasing AU participation in campaigns run throughout the year, such as those that promote mental health awareness and accessibility for sport for all

My door is always open and I’m always willing to hear if you have ideas relating to the AU, so please get in touch.

What Is Working On?