works to represent the interests of black students and students of ethnic minority backgrounds (BEM) and to campaign on any relevant issues.


I am a second year undergraduate chemistry student. I was born in Zambia and moved to England in 2011. Adjusting to a new environment was fairly easy for me due to the support network of family, friends and teachers. It is my desire to share this experience by making BEM students and others feel a sense of belonging.

I have numerous hobbies that I would like to share with you, but to list a few:

  • Karate, I want to encourage BEM students to take this sport as it is very good for stress release and is excellent for self-defense.
  • Dancing (very therapeutic).
  • Knitting and sewing, although no improvement yet.
  • Cooking random dishes and enjoying them of course.
  • Hiking. Perhaps this year we can organise a trip to the Brecon Beacons.
  • Learning about different cultures.

I am very eager to work as BEM officer this year as being an active member of the student body has always been and will always be my nature. In first year, I supported many fellow students by raising their concerns in my role as a Student Academic Representative. This enabled me to develop interpersonal and communication skills which are essential when considering the issues that affect BEM students.

The main focus this year will be raising awareness about these issues. It is our united labour as Cardiff University that will subsequently overcome the barriers of ignorance therefore leading to better opportunities for not only BEM students, but all our students for generations to come. Let us press forward in unison.

What Is Working On?