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ESLA 2024 Shortlist Announced | Cyhoeddi Rhestrau Fer Gwobrau Cyfoethogi Bywyd y Myfyrwyr

The Enriching Student Life Awards (ESLAs) are an annual event, created to recognise the fantastic staff and students who contribute to the Cardiff student experience. In 2024, the awards are being run in partnership between Cardiff University’s Learning and Teaching Academy and the Students’ Union.

Welsh Varsity returns to Swansea in 2024 | Varsity Cymru yn dychwelyd i Abertawe yn 2024

We are excited to announce that Swansea University and Cardiff University are set to go head-to-head in the country’s biggest student sporting event, the annual Welsh Varsity | Rydym yn gyffrous i gyhoeddi y bydd Prifysgol Abertawe a Phrifysgol Caerdydd yn mynd benben yn nigwyddiad chwaraeon myfyrwyr mwyaf y wlad, Varsity Cymru.

Bank balance been affected by Covid? Get support with the Covid19 Student Support Package

The quick and simple way to get financial support with the Covid19 Student Support Package

Revision Aid 2024 | Cymorth Adolygu 2024

Your Elected Officers are here to help you throughout revision season. Find out where they will be for some hot drinks and a chat! | Mae eich Swyddogion Etholedig yma i'ch helpu drwy gydol y tymor adolygu. Darganfyddwch ble fydden nhw er mwyn mwynhau diod boeth a sgwrs!

Pints; Covid; FOMO - A Less Than Ideal Trilogy

This blog aims to focus on providing advice to students who may be a little more nervous about returning to their social-selves post lockdown.

Tips to Avoid Collusion

Here we've demystified what 'Collusion' is, and rounded up some handy tips to avoid it.

Revision Environment: Optimising your Space

We have put together some top tips for optimising your revision environment, so that you can put your revision methods to use in the best space possible.

Revision Tips; How to Spice Up Those Good Ol' Traditional Techniques

Here we have highlighted some of the most traditional revision methods, but given them a bit of an upgrade - to compliment modern day busy lives, and the virtual era we’re currently living through.

Procrastination; the Fine Art of Putting Things Off

'Procrastination; the fine art of putting things off', discusses the nature of procrastination within student life. Here, we cover the reasons behind why we procrastinate, and provide useful hints, tips and tricks that students can incorporate into their everyday lives to relieve some of the last-minute deadline stress.

Statement: Support available for students | Datganiad: Cefnogaeth ar gael i fyfyrwyr

In light of this weekend's news, the Students’ Union and its Elected Officer team want to express solidarity with any student who has been impacted by the events which have been unfolding in the Middle East. | Yn dilyn newyddion y penwythnos, hoffai’r Undeb Myfyrwyr a’u tîm o Swyddogion Etholedig mynegi eu cefnogaeth i unrhyw fyfyriwr sydd wedi’u heffeithio gan yr hyn sy’n digwydd yn y Dwyrain Canol.

Our best Freshers' EVER! | Ein Hwythnos y Glas gorau ERIOED!

We're buzzing with excitement as we look back on one of the most incredible Freshers' weeks ever at Cardiff Students' Union, and it's all thanks to you, our fantastic student community.

Spring Elections Results 2022 | Canlyniadau Etholiadau'r Gwanwyn 2022

Meet your 2022/23 Elected Officer Team | Dyma'ch tîm Swyddogion Etholedig ar gyfer 2022/23.

Statement: End the dispute | Datganiad: Dewch â'r anghydfod i ben

An open letter to Vice Chancellor Colin Riordan from your Sabbatical Officers | Llythyr agored i’r Is-Ganghellor Colin Riordan oddi wrth eich Swyddogion Sabothol

Cardiff Students to join Pride Cymru march | Myfyrwyr Caerdydd i ymuno â gorymdaith Pride Cymru

Cardiff Students’ Union and Cardiff University proudly announces its participation in the upcoming Pride Cymru march, which will take place on June 17th and 18th in the vibrant Cardiff City Centre. 🏳️‍🌈

SVMAs 2023 | Gwobrau Cymdeithasau, Gwirfoddoli a’r Cyfryngau 2023

Cardiff Students' Union recently hosted the highly anticipated Societies, Volunteering, and Media Awards (SVMAs), an event that recognises the outstanding contributions and achievements of students over the past year.

ESLA Awards 2023 | Gwobrau Cyfoethogi Bywydau Myfyrwyr 2023

The highly anticipated Enriching Student Life Awards (ESLA) ceremony was held on Thursday 11th May at Cardiff Students’ Union, a prestigious event that recognises individuals who have made remarkable contributions to enriching the student experience.

CSU voted 2nd best in the UK by students! Myfyrwyr yn pleidleisio mai UMC yw’r 2ail gorau yn y DU!

After eight years of being voted as top 10 student unions in the UK, Cardiff Students’ Union has had another successful year reaching 2nd spot in What Uni’s Student Choice Award in the Students’ Union of the year category.

Record-breaking win for Cardiff! | Buddugoliaeth Caerdydd yn torri record

More than 10,000 student spectators came to cheer on the teams in the long-awaited return of Welsh Varsity to the capital city as the tournament celebrates it’s 25th anniversary

Statement: Industrial action beginning 20.04.2023 | Gweithredu diwydiannol yn dechrau 20.04.2023

We continue to stand with our striking staff and those demanding better, in their fight for fair pay, better working conditions, and a secure pension, as mandated by our students in our 2022 Annual General Meeting.

Awards for Cardiff Student Media! | Gwobrau i Gyfryngau Myfyrwyr Caerdydd!

Student volunteer-led publications Gair Rhydd and Quench have both been successful in the Student Publication Association Regional Awards, winning six awards between them.

Spring Elections Results 2023 | Canlyniadau Etholiadau'r Gwanwyn 2023

Meet your 2023/24 Elected Officer Team | Dyma'ch tîm Swyddogion Etholedig ar gyfer 2023/24.

Autumn Elections Results 2018 | Canlyniadau Etholiadau'r Hydref 2018

See the candidates who have been elected | Gweler yr ymgeisywr a etholwyd

Spring Elections Results 2021 | Canlyniadau Etholiadau'r Gwanwyn 2021

Meet your 2021/22 Elected Officer Team | Dyma'ch tîm Swyddogion Etholedig ar gyfer 2021/22.

Results: Autumn Elections 2022 | Canlyniadau: Etholiadau Hydref 2022

See the students elected to roles for 2022-23 | Y myfyrwyr a etholwyd i'r rolau ar gyfer 2022-23

Results: Autumn Elections 2021 | Canlyniadau: Etholiadau Hydref 2021

See the students elected to roles for 2021-22 | Y myfyrwyr a etholwyd i'r rolau ar gyfer 2021-22

Bye-Elections Results 2022 | Canlyniadau Is Etholiadau 2022

Find out who was elected | Darganfyddwch pwy gafodd eu hethol

Extenuating Circumstances – No Response? Your Options | Dim Ymateb? Eich Opsiynau
Cardiff University building in the foreground with an orange sunset in the background

The University’s Extenuating Circumstances Procedure exists to support you with your studies, and to help you if something unexpected arises that might affect you or your assessments.

Results: Autumn Elections 2020 | Canlyniadau: Etholiadau Hydref 2020

See the students elected to roles for 2020-21 | Y myfyrwyr a etholwyd i'r rolau ar gyfer 2020-21

Spring Elections results 2020 | Canlyniadau Etholiadau'r Gwanwyn 2020

Meet your 2020/21 Elected Officer Team | Dyma'ch tim Swyddogion Etholedig ar gyfer 2020/21.