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The Best Part of University... | Y rhan orau o fywyd Prifysgol…

Discussing Disability Sports at Cardiff University

Discrimination in LGBTQ+ Healthcare | Gwahaniaethu mewn Gofal Iechyd LHDTC+

‘That’s discrimination.’ Healthcare issues facing the LGBTQ+ Community
'Mae hynny'n wahaniaethu.' Materion gofal iechyd sy'n wynebu'r Gymuned LHDTC+

How we help your professional development | Sut y gallwn ni helpu gyda'ch datblygiad proffesiynol

Professional development is an important aspect of continuing your career growth and striving to reach your goals whilst studying here at Cardiff. Our very own Skills Development Service (SDS) is there for you to explore what courses you can be taking alongside your studies to allow you to reach your full potential.

Advice for First-Time Off-Campus Renters | Cyngor defnyddiol wrth rentu ar y campws

Moving into your second-year house can be exciting and nerve-wracking. Being in charge of a house yourself for the first time can lead to mistakes being made, so here’s a list of some of the things I learnt!

Enjoy adventures around the UK with Give it a Go this term! | Mwynha anturiaethau o amgylch y DU!

Fancy a change of scenery? Or looking to explore more of the UK? Well look no further, because Give it a Go has organised some fantastic trips around the UK you can experience with your friends.

Left it to the last minute? You can still smash your exams. | Wedi’i gadael hi i’r funud olaf?

With the Exam season suddenly upon us, here are some revision tips to help you through.

Struggling to think of a New Year’s resolution? | Cael trafferth meddwl am adduned Blwyddyn Newydd?
The KChoreo Society posing at the end of a performance

2023 is here! And the New Year is a great excuse to start a new habit. It’s easy for us to tell you to “eat healthier foods” or “be more active”, but we’re offering resolutions that have your studies in mind, can help you boost your career, and enhance your university experience (all whilst making your CV look a lot more attractive!)

The Ultimate Christmas Dinner on a Budget | Y Cinio Nadolig Gorau ar Gyllideb

The Christmas break is fast approaching and so a flat or house Christmas is the best way to end the semester with your friends. A big roast dinner seems daunting and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be! Here’s a great way to do a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, without breaking the bank.

Looking for your next student house? We’ve got you covered. | Chwilio am eich ty myfyriwr nesaf?

Whether it’s your first time, or fifth time, navigating the student rental market can be a mine field.
In this Episode of ‘Conc’, Ella and Poppy, from the SU’s own student advice team join Rebecca, your VP Welfare, to talk all things student housing.

Enjoy Cardiff’s Christmas events on a budget | Mwynhau digwyddiadau Nadoligaidd Caerdydd ar gyllideb
A swirl of powerful LED lights at night time in Bute Park's light show

We’re gearing up for the Christmas period here at Cardiff Students’ Union, and we’ve found a variety of events which you can enjoy with your housemates during the holidays. From Winter Wonderland to immersive light shows, we’ve got all the information you need to enjoy the festive period on a budget!

Bank balance been affected by Covid? Get support with the Covid19 Student Support Package

The quick and simple way to get financial support with the Covid19 Student Support Package

Pints; Covid; FOMO - A Less Than Ideal Trilogy

This blog aims to focus on providing advice to students who may be a little more nervous about returning to their social-selves post lockdown.

Spring Elections Results 2022 | Canlyniadau Etholiadau'r Gwanwyn 2022

Meet your 2022/23 Elected Officer Team | Dyma'ch tîm Swyddogion Etholedig ar gyfer 2022/23.

Tips to Avoid Collusion

Here we've demystified what 'Collusion' is, and rounded up some handy tips to avoid it.

Revision Environment: Optimising your Space

We have put together some top tips for optimising your revision environment, so that you can put your revision methods to use in the best space possible.

Revision Tips; How to Spice Up Those Good Ol' Traditional Techniques

Here we have highlighted some of the most traditional revision methods, but given them a bit of an upgrade - to compliment modern day busy lives, and the virtual era we’re currently living through.

Procrastination; the Fine Art of Putting Things Off

'Procrastination; the fine art of putting things off', discusses the nature of procrastination within student life. Here, we cover the reasons behind why we procrastinate, and provide useful hints, tips and tricks that students can incorporate into their everyday lives to relieve some of the last-minute deadline stress.

Statement: End the dispute | Datganiad: Dewch â'r anghydfod i ben

An open letter to Vice Chancellor Colin Riordan from your Sabbatical Officers | Llythyr agored i’r Is-Ganghellor Colin Riordan oddi wrth eich Swyddogion Sabothol

Cardiff Students to join Pride Cymru march | Myfyrwyr Caerdydd i ymuno â gorymdaith Pride Cymru

Cardiff Students’ Union and Cardiff University proudly announces its participation in the upcoming Pride Cymru march, which will take place on June 17th and 18th in the vibrant Cardiff City Centre. 🏳️‍🌈

SVMAs 2023 | Gwobrau Cymdeithasau, Gwirfoddoli a’r Cyfryngau 2023

Cardiff Students' Union recently hosted the highly anticipated Societies, Volunteering, and Media Awards (SVMAs), an event that recognises the outstanding contributions and achievements of students over the past year.

ESLA Awards 2023 | Gwobrau Cyfoethogi Bywydau Myfyrwyr 2023

The highly anticipated Enriching Student Life Awards (ESLA) ceremony was held on Thursday 11th May at Cardiff Students’ Union, a prestigious event that recognises individuals who have made remarkable contributions to enriching the student experience.

CSU voted 2nd best in the UK by students! Myfyrwyr yn pleidleisio mai UMC yw’r 2ail gorau yn y DU!

After eight years of being voted as top 10 student unions in the UK, Cardiff Students’ Union has had another successful year reaching 2nd spot in What Uni’s Student Choice Award in the Students’ Union of the year category.

Record-breaking win for Cardiff! | Buddugoliaeth Caerdydd yn torri record

More than 10,000 student spectators came to cheer on the teams in the long-awaited return of Welsh Varsity to the capital city as the tournament celebrates it’s 25th anniversary

Statement: Industrial action beginning 20.04.2023 | Gweithredu diwydiannol yn dechrau 20.04.2023

We continue to stand with our striking staff and those demanding better, in their fight for fair pay, better working conditions, and a secure pension, as mandated by our students in our 2022 Annual General Meeting.

Cardiff SU Stance on the FIFA 2022 World Cup | Safiad Undeb Myfyrwyr Caerdydd ar Gwpan y Byd FIFA 22

At the Cardiff Students’ Union 2022 Annual General Meeting, the motion ‘Cardiff Students’ Union Stance on the FIFA 2022 World Cup’ was passed by our students. The motion called for the board of trustees to consider donating the profit of all games to CU Pride and TANGGS.

Nominate for a Societies, Volunteering & Media Award | Gwobr Cymdeithasau, Gwirfoddoli a'r Cyfryngau

The Societies, Volunteering and Media Awards are back, and there are over 20 awards up for grabs - Nominate now!

The ESLAs shortlisted nominees are here! | Rhestr fer Gwobrau Cyfoethogi Bywydau Myfyrwyr!

The annual ESLAs have been designed by Cardiff University and the Students’ Union to recognise the fantastic staff and students who contribute to the Cardiff student experience.

We've been shortlisted! #WUSCA23 | 'Dyn ni ar y rhestr fer! #WUSCA23

Cardiff Students’ Union has been shortlisted for 2023’s WhatUni Student Choice Awards (WUSCA), the leading higher education awards ceremony based solely on student choice.

A welcome to CSU's first full-time Welsh Officer | Croeso i Swyddog y Gymraeg llawn amser cyntaf UMC

Cardiff Students’ Union has welcomed a new Full-Time Welsh Language, Community & Culture Officer during this year’s Spring Elections, being the first time this role has been introduced as a Full-Time role.

Awards for Cardiff Student Media! | Gwobrau i Gyfryngau Myfyrwyr Caerdydd!

Student volunteer-led publications Gair Rhydd and Quench have both been successful in the Student Publication Association Regional Awards, winning six awards between them.

Spring Elections Results 2023 | Canlyniadau Etholiadau'r Gwanwyn 2023

Meet your 2023/24 Elected Officer Team | Dyma'ch tîm Swyddogion Etholedig ar gyfer 2023/24.

Cardiff Students’ Union awarded Employer of the Year | UMC yn Ennill Gwobr Cyflogwr y Flwyddyn

Cardiff Students’ Union has been chosen as Employer of the Year winner at the Cardiff and Vale College (CAVC) Apprenticeship Awards.

Cardiff University to celebrate Pride 2023 | Prifysgol Caerdydd i ddathlu Pride 2023

Cardiff University and Cardiff Students’ Union are proud to be taking part and supporting Cardiff’s most colourful event of the year, Pride Cymru 2023.

Autumn Elections Results 2018 | Canlyniadau Etholiadau'r Hydref 2018

See the candidates who have been elected | Gweler yr ymgeisywr a etholwyd

Nominations open for Cardiff Students’ Union’s ESLAs | Gwobrau Cyfoethogi Bywydau Myfyrwyr

Voting is now open in the annual ESLAs (Enriching Student Life Awards), designed by Cardiff University and the Students’ Union to recognise the fantastic staff and students who contribute to the Cardiff student experience.

Spring Elections Results 2021 | Canlyniadau Etholiadau'r Gwanwyn 2021

Meet your 2021/22 Elected Officer Team | Dyma'ch tîm Swyddogion Etholedig ar gyfer 2021/22.

LGBTQ+ History Month | Mis Hanes LHDTC+

From Pride Showcases to film screenings, Cardiff Students’ Union will be spotlighting celebrations for LGBTQ+ History Month with a series of events throughout February.

Period Dignity | Urddas Mislif

To mark the start of Period Dignity week, Cardiff Students’ Union will be breaking the stigma surrounding talking about periods by promoting the menstruation conversation, educating students about their periods, and providing support through offering free period pads, tampons and menstrual cups.

New social space on Heath Park Campus | Man cymdeithasol newydd ar Gampws Parc y Mynydd Bychan

A new student common room has open in the Heath Park Campus. The IV Common Room is a brand-new space as a result of partnership work between the Students’ Union and Cardiff University after years of lobbying for more and improved students’ spaces at the Heath. This is an amazing student win for Heath Park students.

Statement: Cops off Campus | Datganiad: Cops oddi ar y Campws

At the Students’ Union Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 6th?December, over 500 students took part in a series of democratic debates about issues important to students at Cardiff University. This included the motion ‘Cops off Campus’ which sought to highlight the lack of action to tackle structural racism and brutality within policing.

AGM 2022 Update | Diweddariad CCB 2022

Find out what happened at the meeting

Results: Autumn Elections 2022 | Canlyniadau: Etholiadau Hydref 2022

See the students elected to roles for 2022-23 | Y myfyrwyr a etholwyd i'r rolau ar gyfer 2022-23

Results: Autumn Elections 2021 | Canlyniadau: Etholiadau Hydref 2021

See the students elected to roles for 2021-22 | Y myfyrwyr a etholwyd i'r rolau ar gyfer 2021-22

Bye-Elections Results 2022 | Canlyniadau Is Etholiadau 2022

Find out who was elected | Darganfyddwch pwy gafodd eu hethol

Extenuating Circumstances – No Response? Your Options | Dim Ymateb? Eich Opsiynau
Cardiff University building in the foreground with an orange sunset in the background

The University’s Extenuating Circumstances Procedure exists to support you with your studies, and to help you if something unexpected arises that might affect you or your assessments.

Results: Autumn Elections 2020 | Canlyniadau: Etholiadau Hydref 2020

See the students elected to roles for 2020-21 | Y myfyrwyr a etholwyd i'r rolau ar gyfer 2020-21

Spring Elections results 2020 | Canlyniadau Etholiadau'r Gwanwyn 2020

Meet your 2020/21 Elected Officer Team | Dyma'ch tim Swyddogion Etholedig ar gyfer 2020/21.