Location, Location, Location – the Exec’s Favourite Revision Spaces

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Revising for exams can be a bit daunting, but hopefully this blog will help ease your mind a little. 3 members of our fantastic Advice and Welfare Executive Committee have told us about some of their favourite places to revise. Remember, everyone revises differently, and we hope this blog covers a few different places that maybe you haven’t considered (or maybe you go there already!).


As someone who does not work well in silence, I tend to prefer ASSL’s lower ground level. Whenever I have a deadline, you will often see me there on one of the many computers typing away. Even though it might be noisy, people around you are also studying or working on their assignments so you might feel more motivated to stop procrastinating. There’s also a vending machine nearby if you want to grab some snacks or a drink, and a hot water tap. When you need a space for group meetings or study sessions, there are also study rooms that you can book on https://resourcebooker.cardiff.ac.uk/ although you do have to make sure to book way beforehand as it gets full quite quickly.

Another one is a room in the CSL building, this one is tricky as most of the times room are full but if you manage to find one I find that it’s a nice place to study in. It has a nice interior and feels very comfy with nice chairs to sit on, the lighting is also comfortably bright so your eyes do not strain as much.

Often, I would go to Pret A Manger in St. Davids shopping centre to study. They have a subscription that costs £12.50 for the 1st month and £25 after that which entitles you to up to 5 drinks including teas, coffees and smoothies. You can also get any syrup and alternative milks for no additional charge. The conditions for studying here is not the most ideal, but slap on a pair of noise-cancelling headphones and you are good to go.

~ by Maybelle Angdjaja, 1st year Psychology, Student Advice and Welfare Executive Committee Member


  • Silent study space (upstairs) – Science Library:

The silent study space in the science library is my “go to“ place if I want to get my head down and crack on with some work. It’s found upstairs in the science library and it’s such a lovely place to study in. The high ceilings, the gorgeous building and the quiet focused atmosphere almost makes you feel like you’re working in a church! The study space here is always relatively busy but never feels crowded. However, closer to exam period, you may want to get there earlier in the day to grab a good seat. Each of the spaces have plug points and there’s even a water refill station and the Green Shoots Café close by! Overall, I would have to say the Science library takes first place in my list of favourite revision spaces.

  • ASSL – Arts and Social Sciences Library – 2nd floor by the window

The ASSL is also another great revision location! There are so many different things that appeal to me about this library, one being the 24/7 opening hours, meaning, this is the best place to go if you need any last-minute late-night working sessions. Along with the communal working spaces and private study rooms on the lowest level, there are also several vending machines, hot drink machines and hot water dispensers to keep you going throughout your revision session. I personally find the silent working spaces on levels 1 and 2 more appealing. The seats are found by big windows with plug points at most tables. Similarly to the science library, the focussed atmosphere gets you in the right mindset to work!

  • Uncommon Ground coffee shop – Cardiff Royal Arcade, City Centre

The Uncommon Ground coffee shop, found tucked away in one of Cardiff’s many arcades, is one of my favourite places to revise outside of Uni. It’s a dimly lit café designed for working students, it has a variety of great seating options with plugs and free WIFI. The main benefit of working in the café is the coffee and the food and this coffee shop delivers on both ends! The only downside to this study space is that they have a restriction of only being to work here for 2 hours at a time to ensure the café isn’t too full. So, If you’re craving a good cup of coffee and are looking for somewhere to do a short study session, this is the place for you!

~ by Tee Ketheeswaran, 2nd year Biomedical Sciences, Student Advice and Welfare Executive Committee Member


  • Students’ Union (3rd floor and lounge)

The location of this study space is incredibly convenient as it is only a 10-minute walk from town and situated in the heart of various study buildings, including the psychology, law, and biosciences buildings, as well as a 10-minute walk from the business school. This makes it an ideal location for group projects and meetings, providing easy access for students. Furthermore, with the The Taf and Coop located in the student union building, students can save time by buying dinner or groceries once they have finished their revision. However, the study space may not be suitable for those who prefer quiet environments, as it tends to be noisier compared to the library. Hence, it is a more suitable study space for students who are more comfortable and study better with noise.

  • Julian Hodge study zone

Julian Hodge study zone is usually less busy and quieter compared to other study spaces such as libraries, with easy access to numerous available PCs and study desks with sockets for students using their own devices. In addition, it provides a similarly peaceful environment to the library, while also being less crowded and thus may be more suitable for individual study. The location is convenient for students residing in Column Road and Cathays, as it is only a one-minute walk from Column Hall.

  • Centre for Student Life (CSL)

Similar to the Students’ Union, the CSL is also an easily accessible location that is suitable for group projects and meetings. However, the CSL might get crowded during busy hours, making it difficult to find available space.

~ by Mun Chung, 3rd year Psychology, Student Advice and Welfare Executive Committee Member


If you found this blog helpful or you go to any other places to revise, then we would love to hear from you! In particular, it appears that the CSL and ASSL Library are really popular places to study.

Student Advice have a Revision Tips webpage that might help too, covering a variety of areas such as different learning styles, as well as other helpful tips for how to revise.