Ffansi paned – fancy a cuppa?

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Looking for a new place to get your caffeine fix ahead of exam season? We’ve got you covered. A few members of our amazing Advice and Welfare Executive Committee have written their favourite places to go and why they like them!


A favourite place of mine to grab a coffee would have to be Corner Coffee. This little coffee shop is found in the High Street Arcade in the City Centre and has such a friendly, cosy atmosphere. There is a wide range of drinks this shop has to offer and various bean blends to suit your desires. Despite this, I always go for a classic Latte – House beans. The creaminess of the milk perfectly balances the bitter kick of the coffee, with both parts intertwining together to form delightful latte art on top. The coffee shop offers a wide range of food and snacks, from full breakfast meals to small lunch baps, that also come with great reviews. As this is a popular place to go for coffee, it does get a little busy throughout the day, however there is indoor and outdoor seating to cater to a large number of customers, so you will definitely find a seat! All in all, this is the place to stop for a relaxing drink and slow down for an hour during your busy day.

~ by Tee Ketheeswaran, 2nd year Biomedical Sciences, Student Advice and Welfare Executive Committee Member


  • Hardlines

Located inside Cardiff Market, this shop has a small storefront with only four bar counters and two available seats, making it ideal for takeaway orders. Their coffee is served in adorable red figurine cups. For first-time visitors, I highly recommend trying their delicious flat white. They also offer seasonal specials for both winter and summer, such as the pink latte made with rhubarb during the winter. My personal favourite is the espresso tonic, which is very refreshing and perfect for hot summer days.

  • Social Eats

A coffee shop located on Salisbury Road boasts a peaceful atmosphere and comfortable seating. Their lattes and flat whites are particularly noteworthy, while those who prefer non-coffee options should try the chai latte. In addition, the shop offers a variety of baked goods. Students can also get a 10% discount.

  • Brodies Coffee Co

Brodies Coffee is located inside the park, providing a perfect environment to chill and relax. It's situated along the road to the city centre, making it a convenient stop for students to grab a coffee on their way. They offer a special menu of coffee decorated with cute marshmallows, but their latte is a standout choice. Additionally, students can get a 10% discount there.

~ by Mun Chung, 3rd year Psychology, Student Advice and Welfare Executive Committee Member


The one coffee shop I tend to visit often is Pret A Manger, although they do not have the best coffee and sometimes it is a little bit too crowded, they have organic milks and healthier options to your regular cup of joe. In addition to that, they have a subscription that costs £12.50 for the 1st month and £25 after that, which entitles you to up to 5 drinks including teas, coffees and smoothies. You can also get any syrup and alternative milks for no additional charge. My regular drink would be either the iced caramel latte or the hot mocha, depending on the weather and what I feel like drinking that day.

~ by Maybelle Angdjaja, 1st year Psychology, Student Advice and Welfare Executive Committee Member