About My Role

Gina represents all students on academic interests to the University and works with the Student Voice team and student academic representatives to review feedback and identify what changes students want. Gina lobbies and negotiates with the University to implement any changes that need to be made whether it’s regarding assessment and feedback or developing study spaces.

About Me

Shwmae everyone! I’m Gina and I’m your VP Education this year!

I’m from a small village in Surrey, where I studied at the local state schools. Since I was a child, music was always my hobby but as I moved through the education system it became more of a focus. Once I completed my GCSEs, I went to Godalming College in order to study music at A-level, which wasn’t offered at my secondary school. I had a passion for maths and physics, studying both at A-level, but my love for music was the strongest and led me to Cardiff, where I have just finished my Bachelor’s degree in Music!

When I started to think about Universities, I originally wanted to study in the United States, but that was financially unrealistic, so I decided it was vital that my course offered a year abroad. When I found out Cardiff did, I came to an open day and immediately knew this was the city for me. In 2019, the third year of my degree, I studied abroad at the University of New Hampshire in the US. After experiencing a completely different education system, I returned to Cardiff knowing I wanted to make some positive change and this position was exactly the way to do it!

Whilst I’ve been studying in Cardiff I have been involved in the A Cappella society, in which I’ve developed skills in video and audio editing and I’m hoping to use that to update you along the way as much as possible.

I really want to ensure all students are getting the highest quality of education possible this year and deliver on my manifesto points and anything else you need. Please feel free to reach out to me as I’d love to hear from you.

My main priorities this year are to:

  • Introduce minimum feedback requirements.
  • Work with the university to ensure all learning types are considered when setting assessments.
  • Give you a printing allowance.
  • Require an annual re-evaluation of modules by lecturers.

What I'm Working On?

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