Withdrawing from Study

You may be struggling with your course or finding that the course is not what you expected. Student Advice recommends that you initially raise your concerns about your course with your personal tutor or if you are unable to contact them, your course director.

If you are considering changing or leaving University or have to repeat a year, we strongly advise to find out about the financial implications on your student finance entitlements. You can access student finance advice from Student Advice and the University's own Student Support Centre in the Advice and Money department.

You may wish to seek a transfer within the University but this is not an automatic right. If this is the case, you need to approach the admissions tutor for the course and find out if places are available. It is very dependant upon what stage you wish to transfer and at what stage of the academic year you are at in your current course. Your current course needs to release you and the Head(s) of School have the final authorisation (not the admissions tutor). You can apply for a transfer via SIMS but again we recommend that you speak to your personal tutor first.

If you wish to transfer to another University, you need to contact the admissions tutor for the course directly. The University will not seek a transfer for you so you need to be prepared to find out your options independently.

If you do wish to leave university, you can submit your withdrawal via SIMS. Student Advice urges you to get student finance advice about this before you begin the online process.

If you are studying on a Tier 4 visa issued by the UK Border Agency, Student Advice strongly recommends that you seek advice from the International Student Advice team at the University's Student Support Centre about the implications of withdrawing will have on your visa.

Student Advice has a number of queries from students who want to take time out of their studies or have struggling to attend their course. This section has some helpful guidance about the University's attendance and progress regulations. Remember you can come speak to a Student Advice adviser in confidence about your query.