Review of Appeal

When receiving the outcome letter of an appeal, you will be notified of their right to request a review of the decision. There are three grounds under which a you can request a review of their appeal decision:

  1. Procedural irregularities;
  2. That the decision was unreasonable and could not be sustained by the facts of the case;
  3. New relevant evidence unknown to the Senior Academic when making the decision, where students can show good reason why they could not have provided the evidence before the Senior Academic considered the appeal.


A request for review must be submitted in writing to the Academic Registrar or nominee, within 7 days of receiving the appeal decision. The review request must include the grounds that you are requesting a review under and any supporting evidence you wish to use to support your request.

When receiving the request for review, the Academic Registrar or nominee will consider the grounds and evidence and dismiss the request if they decide it does not fall within the permitted grounds outlined above or is not sustained by supporting evidence.

Any request for review that is not dismissed will be considered by the Pro Vice-Chancellor who has no prior knowledge of the appeal. They will receive the students submission; the chair of the Exam Boards verification and the Senior Academic’s decision along with any relevant evidence. The Pro Vice-Chancellor may seek further clarification from the Senior Academic where required and will either:

  1. Substitute a decision permitted under the Senate Academic Regulations; or
  2. Confirm the original decision

The decision made by the Pro Vice-Chancellor is final and you will be notified of the decision within 7 calendar days and will be provide with a Completion of Procedures letter.

What if you are still not satisfied?

If you receive the outcome of your review request and are not satisfied, you can apply for a review of your appeal through the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education (OIA) provided that your complaint is permitted under its rules. If you do decide to make a complaint to the OIA, you will need to do so within 12 months of receiving the Completion of Procedures letter.

To do this you must follow the webpage below:

Guidance on submitting a complaint to the OIA and the OIA Complaint Form can also be found on the OIA’s website here. You may also wish to seek advice from the Student Advice about taking your complaint to the OIA.

Please note that the OIA will normally only review issues that have been dealt with through the provider’s internal procedures. It is unlikely that they will review a complaint or appeal that has not yet gone through the Universities own procedures.