Changing Course

If you are not sure you are on the right programme of study, you may be able to transfer to a different course, or to another university.

In Year Transfer

You can only transfer to a different course within Cardiff University within the first two weeks of the academic year. You will need to contact the Admission Tutor for the course you want to transfer to, to see if they have space for you and if you meet the entry requirements.

If all Schools involved agree to the transfer, you apply online through your SIMS account. Your application for transfer then needs to be approved.

If you are considering transferring to a different university you should contact them to ask about their in year transfer policy. You will most likely have to make a new UCAS application.

If you are transferring to a different University and want to leave your course at Cardiff University you will need to permanently withdraw from your programme of study through SIMS online. When asked for your reason for withdrawing, choose "Transfer to a different University".

Deferred transfer

After the first two weeks of term, if you want to transfer to a different course within Cardiff University or at another university you will usually have to wait to start the new course until the following academic year.

You will have to decide whether to continue with your current course in the meantime or stop and start the new programme in the next academic year. For advice on the financial implications, you can speak to the University’s Advice & Money Team.

If you are an international student on a Tier 4 visa you should seek advice from International Student Support before requesting a programme transfer.

Contact Student Advice
+44 (0)2920 781410

Some Contacts you may find helpful;