SU Rooms Info

Student Groups can make bookings for meeting rooms in the SU using our Room Booking System. Groups can also review their bookings in this system. All Groups have their own login - contact Bryony if you cannot find yours. Before you make a booking, make sure you read the Terms of Use.

Meeting Rooms

We have several meeting rooms of different sizes which can be used for a wide variety of activities and events.

  • Room 4A and 4B - 15 seats (boardroom style) with projector and networked computer. Dividing wall is removed at 6pm (40 seats lecture style).
  • Room 4C-D, 4G-I - 15 seats (boardroom style) with projector and networked computer. 
  • The Boardroom - 16 seats (boardroom style) with projector and networked computer. The Boardroom is on the 3rd floor, in the Lounge.
  • Room 4E - 6 seats (boardroom style) with large TV screen. Laptop can be connected to the screen by HDMI cable (laptop and cable not provided). 
  • Room 4J - 100 seats (lecture style) with projector and networked computer and mirror wall.

Room 4J

Y Stiwdio

Y Stiwdio is a multi-purpose activities space and includes a sprung floor, a mirror wall, 80 chairs, PolesSport poles, boxing bag hooks and jigsaw martial arts mats. We can also host comedy gigs and other performances. Y Stiwdio is an incredibly flexible space and we want as many students as possible to use it - come in and chat with us if you have an idea for the venue!

One-off bookings for Y Stiwdio should be made through Bryony. It is a hugely popular venue and is quickly booked up by regular bookings at peak times (weekdays 6-10pm). If you are looking for one-off bookings, it is worth considering booking before 5pm on weekdays. 

Y Plas and the Lodge

Y Plas and the Lodge are available for Student Groups to book for gigs, socials and other events. Contact SUEvents to discuss your ideas and any requirements you would have. These rooms can also be booked for dance rehearsals and other activities that require no set up - these bookings should be made through Bryony

The Great Hall

The Great Hall is one of the largest music venues in Cardiff and has hosts big name acts like Years and Years and Ellie Goulding in recent years. Student groups can use this venue for huge events such as charity dinners, and large activities (we host Dodgeball and Bubble Football here). On Monday and Tuesday evenings, the Lecture Seating is left out, but there is still space available for smaller activities. Contact SUEvents if you want to use the Great Hall for an event or Bryony if you just want to use the space for rehearsals or other small activities.


Student groups can book stalls in the SU, which could be used to raise money, promote an event or run a campaign. There are two stalls - on the front steps of the SU (the Canopy) and opposite Starbucks in the Food Court. Groups can book stalls themselves under the Stalls tab on the Room Booking System, or contact Bryony