What is the Postgraduate Executive Committee?


The Postgraduate Executive is a committee of postgraduates from across Cardiff University who will work with the VP Postgraduate of the Students’ Union, to improve the experience of all postgraduates.


The Postgraduate Exec is made up of eight PGT students and eight PGR students, and will work alongside the VP Postgrad to build and strengthen the Postgraduate Community here at Cardiff University, and work to make the experience of all Postgraduate students better.


Joining the Executive will give you a real say in how the Students’ Union approaches Postgraduate issues, and will give you many opportunities to develop yourself and have new experiences.


As a member of the Postgraduate Executive you will


  • Have a real say in how the Students’ Union approaches Postgraduate issues on campus
  • Plan and be involved in the running of events through the Postgraduate Association
  • Provide direct feedback on the experiences of Postgraduates in your school
  • Suggest campaigns and events that you would like to see the Executive organise
  • Have the opportunity to volunteer with flagship Students’ Union campaigns, such as Speak Week
  • Be offered the opportunity to undertake additional skills qualifications, through the Students' Union Skills Development Service, that will be visible on your Graduation transcript when you leave University
  • If you wish, you will be offered the opportunity to attend University meetings, to gain experience in representing students.
  • Meet like-minded Postgraduate students, and become a principle member of the Cardiff University Postgraduate Community


As a member of the Postgraduate Executive, we would like you to


  • Attend a fortnightly meeting (one hour), to feed in to discussions, raise feedback, and plan events
  • Attend Postgraduate social events and occasionally assist in the running of these
  • Be enthusiastic about improving the Postgraduate student experience at Cardiff University
  • Be eager to develop new skills and have new experiences

As a member of the Executive you will have numerous opportunities to develop new skills. Your hours on the executive will be formally recognised through schemes such as the Cardiff Award, you will gain first-hand experience of teamwork, communication and organising events and campaigns, and of serving in a university-wide position of responsibility.


From PhD Teaching support to wellbeing services that meet Postgraduate needs, Postgraduate financial pressures to giving Postgraduates opportunities to socialise together, there are many issues facing our Postgraduate community here in Cardiff. Our data consistently shows that Postgraduates are less likely to be engaged or satisfied with the Students’ Union compared to Undergraduates. We need to change this, and show that the Union is here for Postgraduates as well!


I hope you’ll consider working with the Students' Union to help revoluntionise the Postgraduate Experience this year.


Angie (VP Postgraduate)


Apply To Be An Executive


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