What is the Sports Executive?

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Members of the Sports Executive Committee will be integral to the running of the Athletic Union both operationally and strategically. They will work to set a strategic oversight for the direction of the Athletic Union including taking a lead on priority campaigns and running events. Importantly, the Exec is there to gather information and feedback to improve the AU and make sure that everything we do is student led. This is an unpaid voluntary opportunity that will enable members to influence the direction of the AU and Sport at Cardiff Uni. The Executive Committee will bring their own experience to the committee so that active discussions and decisions are made in the best interest of all sports. The AU Exec is in charge of making sure that all voices are heard, understood and acted upon. As a AU Exec Committee member you will be working with staff and Elected Officers. Appropriate training will be provided.



  • Takes minutes at each meeting and distributes them to the other members
  • Gives overall support to AU president and other Exec members
  • Organise committee socials

BUCS Secretary

  • Keeps up to date with BUCS fixtures and if teams get through to major finals or have important fixtures coming up
  • Main point of contact in the AU Will be the BUCS coordinator
  • Help XXX with BUCS entries and inputting fixture results

Publicity Secretary

  • Ensures all events and campaigns are publicized well via all social media channels
  • Along with the AU President will have control of the AU Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, making sure that they are up to date and relevant.
  • Occasionally write sport updates for Gair Rhydd
  • Publishing the athlete of the month

Events / Campaign Secretary

  • Works with the AU President to organize events relating to campaigns the SU run throughout the year, AU Ball, and any other events the other secretaries or clubs would like to run

Charity Secretary

  • Looks at how the AU can do more for charity, with the potential for holding charity events
  • Works with clubs who are wanting to hold charity events
  • This role will work collaboratively with the Events Secretary

Inclusivity and Welfare Secretary

  • Ensures that the AU is doing all it can to make sure the activity run is as accessible as it can be
  • Work with the Events Secretary and/or Campaigns Secretary to make sure events that we run are accessible and inclusive, and look to host events specifically for under-represented groups
  • Work with Maddy to deliver and develop the Wellbeing Officer role.

Club development Secretary

  • Works with clubs to support development and insure that all clubs are achieving their tier status
  • Hold club development meetings with clubs
  • Advise Clubs around policy and procedures.


  • Each member will be the be the point of contact for designated sports so there is clear communication between sports and the AU in order to provide feedback, make appropriate changes and to insure that all sports clubs needs are addressed.
  • To attend fortnightly meetings with AU President and activities team members (where appropriate) to discuss feedback, changes and upcoming events (time and location to be decided).
  • To assist in the discussion around new Sport applications and/or selecting Athlete of the Month with an unbiased and impartial view, declaring any conflicts of interest where applicable.
  • To assist with the planning and delivery of larger events and campaigns which include, but are not limited to:
    • Varsity
    • AU Ball
    • Minds Matter week
  • To gather feedback and information on processes that need reviewing.
  • To help evaluate and develop the Club tiering system.
  • Help with social media requests and maintenance.
  • Answering simple enquiries from new students, AU members and Committees.
  • Provide administrative support to department as a whole
  • Engaging with all other duties and responsibilities reasonable tasks that fall within the general nature of the role.



  • You need dedicated to making a difference. They are enthusiastic about sport and how we can improve sport at Cardiff University.
  • Behave in a professional manor

Customer Care

  • We ask you to ensure that all systems, policies and procedures are respected, with particular attention paid to health and safety.


  • While acting in this capacity, we ask that you follow all reasonable instructions provided by Students’ Union staff.

Training and Development

  • The Union will provide appropriate training and development opportunities to allow you to dispense the duties of the role. It is requested that you engage with those opportunities, including compulsory initial training before any shifts are commenced. Regular feedback will be given while carrying out the role.
  • To attend a fortnightly Executive Committee Meeting (to be arranged when Exec appointed as need to work around calendars)

Health and Safety

  • To respect and follow instructions from the Students’ Union Risk Assessment and ensure that the Union’s Health and Safety Policy is adhered to at all times.
  • To assist in ensuring the health and safety of students, suppliers and visitors to the Students’ Union where possible
  • To follow instructions of Students’ Union fire wardens.

The Environment

  • To minimize any negative impact of the Students’ Union on the environment and support activity to promote sustainable and carbon-neutral operations.

Values and Vision

  • To promote equal opportunities and uphold the vision and values of the Students’ Union.

Special Notes

  • We would ask that you contribute to the positive image of the Students’ Union.
  • That you are aware that events may occasionally take place in the evenings outside of the 9:00-17:00 office hours.
  • This role will take energy and enthusiasm so your commitment to make sure that you are completing tasks effectively and asking questions whenever appropriate.
  • We would ask that the role holder will be enthusiastic about taking up extra training opportunities and engaging proactively with the Activities Department as a whole.
  • We would ask that the role holder actively participates within the Executive Committee with other members and reasonably attends socials and team building sessions where scheduled

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The following questions have been devised to ensure we encompass a variety of views into the Executives. By providing this information you consent to the students' union holding your information for the purposes of the executive committee application. You will not receive any other correspondence i.e advertisements unless you have already signed up to receive updates from the students' union.


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