Leaving Cardiff University Residences

Moving out

When you move out of Cardiff University residences you will need to

  • Lock your door and return your keys / card to your residences reception in the pre-printed envelope provided on the last date of your Residential Period. If you are leaving out of hours, you will need to place your keys/card in the letterbox at your reception sealed in the pre-printed envelope.
  • Remove your bike from the shed and return your bike shed keys by 10am on the last date of your Residential Period. Any bikes left on campus will be removed and disposed of seven days after the end of your contract.
  • Put all your rubbish/recycling from your bedroom and communal area in the external bins provided. Remember to throw perishable food away from your fridge/freezer and cupboards as there will be a charge for any rubbish left and the invoice will be sent to your home address.
  • Remember to take all your belongings with you and clean your room/ensuite and communal areas. If they are not left clean and tidy, charges will apply.
  • Ensure you pay all outstanding residences fees and invoices, as failure to do so may result in further action being taken (which may include legal proceedings) to recover the sums due.
  • If you purchased a TV licence for your room, remember to print a copy of your online residences agreement so you can claim back a portion of your TV licence (login using your Cardiff University username and password at www.sims.cf.ac.uk)
  • Notify your friends, family and contacts of your change in address as all mail received once you have left the residences will be returned to sender. If you wish, you can also arrange to have your post redirected by Royal Mail for a charge.
  • Notify your GP of your new term-time address if you are returning to Cardiff.

Leaving in a hurry

It is impossible to say with any certainty what will happen in terms of further lockdowns, social distancing and travelling restrictions. What we do know from this year is that, if you need to leave your student accommodation suddenly, you may be away longer than expected and there are certain things you should do in case you are not able to return by the end of the contract:

  • You will need to notify your Residences reception that you have left or intend to leave your room and explain your reason for doing so. If you are choosing to leave because of further lockdowns, the University can still require you to pay for your room for the remainder of the contract. The only exceptions to this are if you withdraw from the university, take an approved interruption of study or you can demonstrate exceptional reason for needing an early release from the contract. 
  • You should ideally aim to ensure that your property is as clean as if you were leaving at the end of the contract. You should take photographs of the condition of the accommodation when you leave so that you are not liable for any damage that may occur when you are not there. If some students in your flat are staying, the situation becomes more complicated. You can still make sure that your room is cleaned and take photos, but you will need to come to an agreement about the communal areas. You can agree to return and clean at the end but you may not know for certain if that will be possible. You can also agree to clean the flat thoroughly when you leave if the remaining occupiers agree to keep the accommodation clean thereafter. Be aware though, that if you are not able to return by the end of the contract and there are charges for cleaning or damage, you may be asked to contribute to the cost.
  • Finally, you will need to decide whether or not to take your possessions with you. If you do not, we strongly recommend that you make sure your possessions are safely stored in your room and clearly labelled with your name and contact details and a statement that the items should not be disposed of.

If you have had to return overseas and unable to travel back to the University to collect your belongings

The University recognises that collecting belongings may be challenging for some students, particularly those who may have returned to their homes overseas. The University is not able to offer students storage for their belongings, but there are a number of private packing/storage providers available to offer this service. You will need to contact the packing/storage company directly to make arrangements in line with their storage and shipping options and make payment with them directly.

You must book a collection slot for the storage/packing company to pack and collect your belongings by contacting your Residences reception. Packing and storage companies will not be able to gain access to your accommodation on Saturdays or Sundays.

Do not arrange a date and time with the storage/packing company until the University's booking system opens so you can book both at the same time.

You will need to ensure that you have contacted the storage company in advance, to find out dates/times when they are available before booking a collection slot.

If you decide to book a packing/storage company, here are some examples of companies that provide this type of service.

We do not endorse the use of any one company over another and we strongly recommend that you research these and other service providers before making your own choice about which you would trust to employ.

If you are using a packing/storage company to pack and store/ship your belongings you must ensure that written consent, giving them access to your room, is given to the company, they will need to show this to your Residences Team to gain access to your accommodation.  Please also forward the same information and a copy of your packing/storage booking confirmation to your Residences Team.

Leaving residences early

Withdrawing from the University
If you are withdrawing from your course of study and will no longer be a student at Cardiff University, you will be released from your Residences Agreement. You will need to complete your withdrawal request at SIMS and inform your Residences Manager.
You will be liable for residences fees until all your belongings have been cleared and your key has been returned to your Residences Manager or your official withdrawal date, whichever is the latter.

Taking an approved Interruption of Study
If you are taking an approved Interruption of Study, you will usually be required to leave University residences and return your key.
You will be liable for residences fees until all your belongings have been cleared and your key has been returned to your Residences Manager or your official Interruption start date, whichever is the latter.

Leaving Cardiff with an approved application to study remotely

The University have said that they will release students from their Residences Agreement in the event of their School approving their request to switch to remote study. Remote study is currently available for the first semester.

If your application is approved, you should receive an email from your School (via SIMS) and this will be the evidence Residences Managers need to approve your release.

Any students then coming back in January will need to reapply for University accommodation.

Moving to an alternative room
If you are not happy with your allocated room, or find it unsuitable, you can ask Residences to find an alternative room within the University, using the room transfer process. The transfer process may be limited due to the coronavirus pandemic and/or social distancing/government guidelines at the time you apply.

Moving to the private sector or commuting from home
If you would like to move to private sector accommodation or commute from home, the University will only normally release you from your Residences Agreement if you find a substitute from the private sector to take your room. This must be a Cardiff University student not already in University residences. You will remain liable for your residences fees until a suitable substitute is found. You could try advertising the vacancy in your department, on the Student Advice House Hunting lists or on social media. Residences may also be able to assist in finding a substitute, as sometimes students approach them directly for a room.

Exceptional circumstances
If you have exceptional circumstances that are beyond your control (e.g. a serious medical condition or disability that is affected by your accommodation), Residences have the discretion to release you from your Residences Agreement early.

If you feel you have exceptional circumstances that you would like considered, such as a medical condition or a disability, you will need to complete a Release Request Form 2019/2020 and hand it to your Residences Manager. You will need to attach supporting evidence to your form for consideration.

Contact Student Advice

+44 (0)2920 781410