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  • Vehicle Pricing Structure as per the 01/08/2019

To apply to all SU vehicles

  • 0-20 miles - £1.20 per mile
  • 21 -250 miles - £0.65 per mile
  • 251+ miles  - £0.50 per mile
  • All prices inclusive of VAT.

    A minimum charge of £10 per booking will be applied.

    If attending a BUCs event please remember to write BUCs along with the club/society name in the designated section on the vehicle sheet. This will allow Transport AU / Finance to work out the fuel costs for the journey.  

    Example 1: Cardiff to Loughborough and return will cost approx £200 - (17 seater if full approx £11.80 each, BUCS event £5.90 each) 

    Example 2: Cardiff to Porthcawl and return will cost approx £45 - (17 seater if full approx £2.60 each) 


  • Hire Vehicles

SU Transport have asked all hire companies to deliver the hire vehicles with a full tank of fuel so there is no ambiguity about the fuel costing. Please return the hire vehicles with the same fuel level as it arrived, if you do not the club/society will end up paying a premium rate.  

  • Example 06/06/19

    SU Transport – Fuel Cards used – Fuel costing £1.31 per/litre

    Enterprise – Fuel costing £1.58 per/litre