Politics Netball

Welcome to Politics Netball! We are a team completely inclusive of all abilities, and play to have fun rather than to win (although we enjoy doing that too). All of the 17/18 team have improved massively since September. We play one team in the Cardiff Uni IMG league, so we have a game a week on a Wednesday and also train once a week.

It's a really sociable group of lovely likeminded girls - we have lots of socials, including joint ones with the Politics Rugby boys, and this year we did both an end of year awards meal and had two tables at the politics ball. Please see the photos below for how much fun we all have.

As a team we have been going for two years, through which we have come on leaps and bounds, and were even promoted to a higher league this year. Please contact the 18/19 committee and join our facebook group if you wish to be involved in September - we would love to have you!

18/19 Season

Captain: Harriet Kelsall - Email: Kelsallha@cardiff.ac.uk

Vice Captain: Ellie Mullen-Jones - Email: mullen-jonesej@cardiff.ac.uk

Social Sec: Susan Tate - Email: TateSJ1@cadiff.ac.uk

The 18/19 season will see our first elected committee take the reigns of the team.

The GIAG session is on the 2nd October at Taly Netball Courts @ 5:30pm. To sign up please see the 'Products' section on the Politics Society page. See you there!

Link to Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1596934553941194/ 

17/18 Season

Captain: Beckie Carter

Vice-Captain: Freya Hotten

Social Sec: Anisa Gallager

After Beckie took over captaincy in early September 2017, the first thing we did was create a mini committee for the team, with Freya stepping up to VC and Anisa to Social Sec. The committee spent freshers fair on the politics stand, willing budding freshers to play for us, and this helped to create the 18 strong team we had for the season.

This year saw our first Give it a Go session, the introduction of a team kit in the form of hoodies, plenty or league wins, a promotion from the 4th division that we'd been in during the 16/17 season to the 3rd division, our first team photo,  an end of year awards dinner and an election of a new committee for the 18/19 season.

We also had some great socials including a Pub Golf organised in conjunction with the Politics Rugby boys, a pirates night, a camoflaged themed night, and an end of year awards dinner at Revolution!


17/18 Netball committee


Award winners at our end of season meal


Joint social: Pub Golf with the Politics Rugby boys


A few of the Netball Team at the 2018 Politics Ball


16/17 Season 

Captain: Olivia Watts

Our team was founded in September 2016 by the politics committee of the time, and Olivia took over as captain in early October. While it maybe wasn't the most successful year, as we only had 8 regular players, and actually finished bottom of the bottom league, we still found a team every week, and learned a lot to take into our second year.