Politics Football

Politics Football Squad 2019/20


The Politics Society runs a competition 7-a-side Football Team that plays in the Cardiff IMG league every Wednesday. We have 2 teams for the 19/20 season so anyone of any standard is welcome to give it a go! The team has performed well over the last few years and has gained a place in the premiership every year I've been here, so willing the league is what we have our sights set on.


We're a very friendly group and have all become really close through playing together and going on weekly socials on Wednesdays, we often have themed nights and other events such as an end of term meal and en end of year awards night but will often meet outside of these set events too. 


Contact details:

Captain - Harry Collinge (CollingeH@cardiff.ac.uk)

2nd Team Captain: Ben Broomfield (Broomfieldbh@cardiff.ac.uk)

Social Secretary: Crispin McCutcheon (Mccutcheonct@cardiff.ac.uk)