Postgraduate Executive Committee


We want all members of the Students’ Union to be able to get involved and shape the work that we do. One of the ways you can get involved is through the elected officers' executive committees or associations. 


Each Sabbatical Officer has at least one executive committee which is designed to shape and support the work of the elected officers. This could include supporting them in the development of policy, running outreach activity, or simply putting on events and activities students want to see.  


The Postgraduate Executive Committee is made up of 10 students directly elected through a cross-campus ballot, with 5 of these seats reserved for Postgraduate Research (PGR) students. All members of the executive committee must be postgraduate students. 


Meet the Postgraduate Executive Committee


Darshan Sheth

Madhvi Patel

Melika Ghorbankhani

Sastivel Preetham.B.R

Serena Rattu


To run to join the Postgraduate Executive Committee please nominate yourself via the link below: 


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