Accountability Sessions


Accountability sessions are designed to ensure elected officers are held to account for the work they do alongside their manifesto, year priorities, and the relevant policy passed by student members.


Each Executive or Association Committee is responsible for ensuring their elected officer participates in at least three accountability sessions per year. The accountability session have a separate chair and vice-chair and are required to send an accountability report to Student Senate for note. The accountability sessions also have the power to award the offices ‘notices’ in recognition of either really good work or when they want to see improvements in their activity.


A Notice of Satisfaction is considered when the committee wish to formally recognise an elected officer for outstanding work in relation to their role, responsibilities, and manifesto commitments. A Notice of Required Improvement is considered when the committee is dissatisfied in an elected officers work or conduct. The committee may also consider a more severe motion of censure when the committee believes the elected officer has committed a serious offence again their office or democratic responsibilities.


You can find the notes, report, and a record of any notices or motions received by an officer on their own individual accountability session pages.



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