Georgia Spry, your VP Sport and Athletic Union President has launched the new DisABILITY Sport campaign to raise awareness of disabilities in sport and to help students with disabilities feel welcome. Disability is not a barrier and we want everyone to know they can take part in sport at Cardiff University.


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If you are struggling to afford to participate in sports or are in hardship, reach out to vpsports@cardiff.ac.uk and you may be suitable for the Hardship Fund


Meet some of our Para-athletes!

"While the deaf athlete is physically able-bodied, there are many communication barriers and difficulties that arise which prove a significant disadvantage in the field. I need to race completely deaf, so require additional support with the starting gun and drafting whistle etc. Because of my disability, I was deterred from joining sports clubs and training with people. Since overcoming this and finding an incredible community in triathlon, I want to remove those barriers that might prevent other people with disabilities finding the enjoyment in sport that I have found!"

- Naomi, Triathlon/duathlon/track cycling, 1st year PhD Maths, Profoundly deaf, wearer of cochlear implants


"Para sport has been a cornerstone of my life and through it I have met many amazing people and made even more amazing friends! This year I want to help more people experience the world of para sports and all the fantastic opportunities it brings!"

- Nils, Athletics long jump and 100m, 4th year astrophysics, T47 - impairment restricting strength and mobility in both arms



How do you know when to start a race when you can’t hear the starting gun? Can you use sign language on a netball court? Where do you buy specialist equipment? Naomi, a 1st-year PhD Maths student, who is Profoundly deaf, and Nils, a 4th-year astrophysics student, who has a T47 impairment restricting strength and mobility in both arms, spill all about some unexpected barriers they have experienced as para-athletes. They join Georgia Spry, VP Sports and AU President to discuss the wider landscape of DisABILITY Sports at Cardiff University to celebrate Disability Sports Week.



Listen to Olivia Evans in conversation with third-year para-athletes Nils and Jacob, recorded in February 2023.





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