It's simple to book staff through the Jobshop

  • Contact us either by telephone: extension 74958 or by email:
  • We will send you a booking form which you should complete as fully as possible with details of your requirements, along with a Student Worker Authorisation Form, which must be completed with the necessary College Registrar (for Colleges) or Head of Department (for Central Professional Services) authorisation. Please note that we are unable to accept booking forms without the accompanying authorisation.
  • Once completed, please return both forms to us.  We will then confirm receipt and contact you to discuss your requirements further if necessary.
  • Details of your vacancy will be emailed to all Jobshop-registered students.  For shorter-term or one-off jobs, we usually select students on your behalf and send them along to you at the allotted date and time. For longer-term vacancies however, you may prefer to look at a selection of CVs and/or hold some informal interviews which we can arrange for you.

Registered students will be able to present a Jobshop registration card confirming they have had a right to work check at the Jobshop and are compliant. Please note it is your responsibility to ensure that all students who work for you have a valid card.  You must ask to see this BEFORE you allow them to start any work or related training. This card will also give details of any working restrictions.

If you are employing students on a Tier 4 visa, please remind them that must ensure the TOTAL number of hours they work each week between Monday-Sunday does not exceed the limit shown on their visa or BRP. This must include any voluntary work as well as paid work.


How to arrange student payments

Paying students who have worked for you couldn't be simpler.  We ask that you complete a payroll submission form (available on request) with details of any students who have worked for you during the previous week (Monday-Sunday).  You will need to include the following information on the form:

  • Student name and date of birth (please ensure all names are spelled correctly)
  • Total number of hours worked Monday-Sunday
  • Rate of pay (this must be a minimum of £9.00 per hour in line with the Living Wage)
  • Oracle allocation code (this should be available from your Finance Department)
  • The week ending date of the week the work was carried out (this will always be a Sunday)
  • Your details (name, school/department, extension number, email address) in case we need to contact you

The completed fom should be sent to by the deadline of 2pm on the Monday following the completion of that week's work. Students are paid directly into their bank accounts on alternate Fridays and your department will be charged by internal transfer.


Jobshop charges

Our current hourly charges are as follows (the example given is based on the current Living Wage of £9.00 per hour although you can pay a higher rate if you wish).

£9.00 (basic hourly rate) + 12.07% (holiday pay) = £10.09 per hour (paid to the student)

Plus £0.90 (administration charge) = £10.99 per hour*

*plus employer's National Insurance (if applicable).