University Hiring Managers

How to employ a student through Jobshop

If you would like to recruit student staff through the Jobshop, you must first be set up on our system as a Hiring Manager and register your vacancy by completing a Vacancy Requisition Form. Please note that all Jobshop Vacancy Requisition Forms must be accompanied by the relevant Kenexa approval (in line with the current University recruitment controls).

  • If you are already set up on our system as a Hiring Manager: Please log into your account here: and complete a Vacancy Requisition Form to start the recruitment process.
  • If you are not already set up on our system as a Hiring Manager: Please contact us at so that we can arrange this.

Once you have completed a Vacancy Requisition Form with details of your vacancy, it will be advertised on our jobs page (unless you have notified us that you have already identified a suitable candidate and therefore don’t need to advertise it). Students will then be able to apply online.

You can choose from the following recruitment processes:

  • View all applications for your vacancy
  • View a shortlist of applications for your vacancy
  • Ask the Jobshop to recruit and select a suitable candidate on your behalf
  • Ask students to apply via a website link
  • None of the above (as you have already identified a suitable student/s

Please note that you must raise a Vacancy Requisition on the Jobshop system even if you have already identified a suitable student for your vacancy. This will enable us to make sure the student you wish to employ has a current Right to Work check in place before they start work and will allow us to complete the on-boarding process (i.e. gather the new starter information in order to generate electronic timesheets for the student and process their wages).

The Vacancy Requisition Form, Right to Work Check and onboarding processes must all be fully completed before a student is permitted to start any work or related training. It is the responsibility of the employing staff member to ensure that the above process has been followed. Once a student has completed their Right to Work check, they will be issued with a Jobshop Student Casual Worker Permit (this replaces the old Jobshop Registration cards). You must ask to see this Permit before you allow a student to start work.

Reminder - as an employer, we have a duty to prevent illegal working and failure to conduct Right to Work checks BEFORE A STUDENT COMMENCES WORK means that the University may breach Home Office regulations. Managers who fail to ensure a Right to Work check has been conducted before work is undertaken risk being subject to disciplinary action and personal liability for any fines incurred as a result.

If you are employing an international student on a student visa, please remind them that must ensure the TOTAL number of hours they work each week between Monday-Sunday does not exceed the limit shown on their visa or BRP. This must include any voluntary work as well as paid work.

Jobshop charges

Our current hourly charges are as follows (the example given is based on the current Living Wage of £9.50 per hour although you can pay a higher rate if you wish).

£9.50 (basic hourly rate) + 12.07% (holiday pay) = £10.65 per hour (paid to the student)

Plus £0.90 (administration charge) = £11.55 per hour*

*plus employer's National Insurance and NEST pension contributions (if applicable).