Your Role

As an Academic Rep you will serve as the vital link between your peers, your School, the University and the Students' Union on educational matters. You are the Voice for your school and year group. Throughout the year you should be talking to students and finding out what is going well in the school and what concerns they have. You then feed this back in termly meetings you have with the University, these are called Student Staff Panels, SSP. SSPs consist of senior members of staff like the Director of Teaching and Learning and Head of Module as well as Reps from that school. This is a brilliant opportunity for you to feedback to schools, areas of improvement and also aid best practice by telling them what is going well.

It is in these meetings that students voices are heard, staff take the points raised and come up with solutions to any concerns. Then students and staff are actioned and go off and proactively solve concerns. When there are particularly sensitive issues you can signpost students onto the Union's Student Advice Team or the University's support services. 

As a rep it is your role to feed this back to the students in your school. Students should know how the school is dealing with their feedback and they do this through Reps. You could speak to individual students that raised issues and ideas, do shout outs in lectures, post it in your schools Facebook group, work with your school society to publicise or ask for the feedback to be put in a newsletter.  You are expected to keep your cohort informed of upcoming events/developments within your school and the wider University community. The University are really keen to hear your feedback and want to make your experience at Cardiff a great one.