Become a Rep

Is being a rep something you are interested in? Previous reps say there are lots of benefits of being a rep like ‘It looks really for your CV’, its ‘Great to be able to give back to students in your school and help improve their experience’ and are able to ‘form relationships with other reps and senior members of staff’.

What is a Rep?

Anyone can be a rep, you can be in any year group, on any degree program, be a part time or full time student.An Academic Rep is a student that is elected at the start of the academic year by their peers in their cohort. They represent you on Academic issues and help shape your student experience. In total there are over 1000 Academic Reps in all 24 schools. If you're elected by your peers to become a Rep your key responsibilities will be to talk to students and collect the views of the students on your course to give them to your School at meetings with the University (Student-Staff Panels) and then to feedback to the students about what actions have been taken as a result.You will receive loads of support throughout the year from both the University and the Students’ Union. It truly is a great opportunity to develop skills, meet new people and make a tangible change to the University.

For more information please watch the video below.



What's in it for me?

As a student, you're investing more than ever into your education, so why not become a Student Academic Representative and ensure that your course is running as smoothly as possible? We have dedicated members of staff within the University and the Students' Union to support you, as well as services such as conferences, guidance and extensive training. There is a framework in place to assist you in being a great Rep. Your role will enable you to ensure course satisfaction for your peers, gain a wide range of invaluable transferable skills, not to mention meeting lots of new people along the way.

If you are interested please contact or visit the Student Voice department located on the 3rd floor of the Students Union and talk to one of the members of the Student Voice team.