The Cardiff University Philosophy Society is associated with two teams of Cardiff University's Intermural Game Network (IMG). The school of English, Communications, and Philosophy (ENCAP) is represented in the sports of Netball and Football, 11-a-side.

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ENCAP Sports Representative

Louis Smith

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"Hey, i've been elected as the Sports Representative for ENCAP for the 22/23 academic year. I look out for the Netball & Football teams that we have, making sure they have the support they need from the school to compete at their best. I keep up to date with when the teams run their practices and have their games. I also plan athletic events for the School of ENCAP, such as the Rounders GIAG with the Philosophy Society, or the event to come: ENCAP Dodgeball Tournament. I'll tell you there might even be an award for ENCAP's best athlete later this year!

If you want to know more about each team, give me a shout."


CU IMG ENCAP A - Premier League 1

CU IMG ENCAP B - Premier League 4



CU IMG ENCAP is new to Cardiff University IMG Football Network, but we have done well for ourselves in the out season. 

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