About Cardiff Philosophy Society

Cardiff University Philosophy Society is the centre of the Philosophy Course’s social activities and has a committed following amongst Philosophy students at the University. It presently holds a membership of 30 students, making it one of the smaller societies at Cardiff University.

The Society aims to enhance the social, educational and extra-curricular opportunities for its student members. It organises many socials throughout the year on a regular basis; these include the annual ENCAP Societies Ball as a collaboration of 7 societies, the annual December Holiday Dinner, regular socials and many more events throughout the year.

There are also many other CV opportunities to get involved with the Philosophy Society, all of which look great to a prospective employer. These include, but are not limited to, the following: being elected as a First-Year or Postgraduate Representative; becoming one of our field consultants, attending a careers session or partaking in our Social Awareness Award.

Presidents of Cardiff University Philosophy Society

2015 - 2016: Ben Edwards

2016 - 2017: Sophie Hasdell

2017 - 2018: Timothy Cameron

2018 - 2019: Danny Green 

2019 - 2020: Charlie Arrowsmith

2020 - 2021: Abigail Gallagher

2021 - 2022: Deima Ruzgailaite

2022 - 2023: Chris-Grayson S Diamond