Find Your Sport

We believe that sport can be anything you want it to be, do you? Find Your Sport aims to increase participation in all sports but also focusing on some of the lesser known sports like Trampolining, Kung Fu, Korf Ball and Ultimate Frisbee.

Sport is something that everyone can take part in and should be inclusive for all. So whichever sport you might want to get involved in, we want it to make you reach new heights and take you to infinity and beyond! If you have any questions about how to get involved, just ask Georgie, your VP Sports. So, are you ready to find your sport?

Master of the seat drop or double back-flip? Or do you just fancy a fun bounce on a trampoline? The Trampoline Club are here for all your high-flying needs! Give one of their taster sessions a go!

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Want to try a new sport this term? The Korfball Club is our university’s Korfball team! It’s an exciting mixed sport all the way from the Netherlands!

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Fancy picking up a new hobby? Aerial Fitness are all about building strength, flexibility, and confidence! Why not give one of their sessions a try?

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Ultimate Frisbee is one of the fastest growing sports in the world! And we have our own club here at Cardiff. So if you want to try a great way to socialise and get some exercise this term why not give them a go?

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Whether you’re a wannabe zen master or an absolute black-belt warrior, the Kung Fu club are all about building self-discipline, confidence and fitness! Why not pop along to one of their taster sessions?

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Athletic Union

The Athletic Union is the body that supports all sporting activity at Cardiff University Students' Union. We support students that run over 67 sports clubs including individual and team sports, outdoor and water sports and martial arts. We believe that sport plays a significant role in the student experience, playing a role in helping to build social and support groups, keeping students active, and most importantly, offering a valuable opportunity for individuals to develop themselves.

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