Find Your Sport

We believe that sport can be anything you want it to be, do you? Find Your Sport aims to increase participation in all sports but also focusing on some of the lesser known sports like Dancesport, Volleyball, and Rifle

Sport is something that everyone can take part in and should be inclusive for all. So whichever sport you might want to get involved in, we want it to make you reach new heights and take you to infinity and beyond! If you have any questions about how to get involved, just ask Jude, your VP Sports. So, are you ready to find your sport?

We are a club for anyone who likes good music, great dancing and lots of glitter! From complete beginners to Strictly pros - come and meet some new people at our GIAG class or any of our classes! P.S No partner needed, just bring yourself and be ready for some fun!

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We are a vibrant and welcoming community brought together by a common love of volleyball. Whether you want to try out a new sport or wish to develop your skills, join us in our upcoming Give It a Go sessions!

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