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We are now recruiting recruiting Lead Volunteers and there are a variety of projects that are looking for leads in the 2018/2019 academic year. Whatever your interests and passions are, we hope to have a project to suit you. Feel free to apply for more than one.


Lead volunteers are students who undertake the additional responsibility of coordinating a group of volunteers on their project. The role varies from project to project: some adopt an administrative role and others actively lead sessions with volunteers and beneficiaries.

Responsibilities of a Lead Volunteer

Recruit and Engage volunteers

  • Encourage students to sign up to the project through recruitment events, social media and emails
  • Ensure full details of upcoming events are given to all volunteers
  • Encourage and record attendance at events
  • Assist at induction and training sessions

Communication and publicity

  • Act as the first port of call for volunteers
  • Manage any social media accounts and ensure information and photos are updated in a timely manner
  • Ensure project events are up to date on the cardiffstudents website

Engaging with stakeholders and external partners

  • Liaise with partners, letting them know project updates or if a session needs to be cancelled
  • Keep in touch with stakeholders, seek feedback and their opinions on how the project is going
  • Feedback any comments or queries that may arise to Cardiff Volunteering

Training and other checks

  • Attend the compulsory Lead Volunteer training
  • Ensure all volunteers have the relevant training to undertake the project - including a project introduction meeting
  • Ensure all volunteers have a DBS check (if applicable)
  • Record all volunteer hours for the project and report to Cardiff Volunteering

Have fun

  • You're still a volunteer, we want you to carry on enjoying it too

Project that require Lead Volunteers

The following projects need lead volunteers:

How to Apply

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